Tuesday, September 6, 2011


A favorite artist of mine, Carol Marine and her family lost their home in the fires raging in Texas on Monday. The sad news has been mentioned on many of the blogs I frequent and since I've been so vocal about, what I considered at the time to be, my own close calls with nature's fury, I thought it very necessary to post, along with many others, a way we can all help Carol and her family at this very sad time in their lives. Thank goodness though, they are all safe.

Click here to help out if you can. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved with the Texas fires. Perhaps there's a way to "think" all this East coast rain in their direction!


  1. How awful the situation is. I do hope the raised awareness helps in some way :0(

  2. So sad, shocked to hear the news. Thoughts and prayer go out to those who lost everything in the fires. Thanks for posting and the word will spread fast, many will want to help!

  3. very sincere and needed post, Suzanne. It is great to see how the blogging community has stepped up to help Carol and David and their son. So glad to hear you and himself made it through Irene!

  4. So happy that damage from Irene for you was light. My friends and I had just had a marvelous week in Maine before Irene blew into town. We spent three days trying to outrun her (we did) in our rental car because air travel was cancelled everywhere we went.
    Like you, I wish thoughts could propel the rain in the east to the Texas tinderbox. Carol and her family remain in my heart and mind.


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