Thursday, September 15, 2011


"That Party Dress"
18x24" oil on canvas

Ok. Let me explain. If I had a dress like this in my closet, I would have hung it on a nice hanger, placed it on a peg against a really interesting wall and had at with the camera.  But, since I don't and I had exhausted every avenue that I could think of looking for concepts incorporating said party dress challenge, I remembered a page I'd saved from a paper company catalog ages ago and thought it would be just perfect.

The one thing I can't get over is that I found it!  And attached to the canvas I had planned to paint it on.  I mean, really? A challenge and the answer ready and waiting to go! I took it as a sign. And although I did change a few things to make it a little more my own, alas, my interpretation in oil of an incredibly lovely photo that I didn't take is all I can really lay claim to.

That said, please, we'd love for you to join the party (dresses optional)...

"Faire Dress"
16x12" oil on panel
©Robin Cheers 

12x6" oil on canvas
© Ruth Andre

"Party Dress on the Beach"
9x12" pastel on paper
© Vicki Ross

"New Dress"
10x12"oil on hardboard
© 2011 Diana Moses Botkin


  1. You are the queen of painting cloth with folds and creases, you must have infinate patience! Gorgeous painting even if it wasn't from your own photo, who cares, well done as always.

  2. Oh My! Stunning- I am adoring everything about this little party dress! Really beautifully painted- meant to be:)

  3. it's a beautiful interpretation! it looks as though it was hung out the night before for a special occasion and now hangs in the light of the morning. .. the painting tells a story.

  4. So glad I found your blog. Great stuff. Love the party dress theme!!

  5. Just knock me over! I can feel the texture of that fine-quality silk taffeta and the smooth touch of the silk satin bow. I think that you have made it better than the original!


  6. What an exquisite young girl's party dress! And just waiting there for you to paint it!!! Aren't you the Lucky Gunkie?!!! [Say that one 10 x fast!]

  7. This is exquisite Suzanne and meant to be you. Beautiful!!

  8. Wow! What a gorgeous painting... and I love the story of your reference. Congrats on finding it! GoodNESS you are inspiring.

  9. Suzanne that dress is adorable and your painting is too LOL! My granddaughters have nearly every Cinderella, Snow White and dress up dresses that WalMart and Target have for sale, so I can relate to party dresses!

    This is such a cute idea for small paintings to hang in their room at Mimi's!

    Love your work...thanks for sharing.

  10. Every dress, the one you've so gorgeously painted and the other challenge participants' dresses...sigh...all so beautiful!

  11. What a beautiful dress and mostly what a outstanding piece of art. Great job. Love it!

  12. * sigh * Stunning, as always, Suzanne. I love the glow in the folds of the dress...the lace collar is exquisite. All against the turquoise wall...wOw.

  13. What a gorgeous subject and painted to absolute perfection! AGAIN!!!!

  14. Wow you really are the queen of painting cloth! I marvel at how you've gotten each fold perfect and filled with gorgeous reflective color. holy smokes you got skills girl. Seriously though, it is a gorgeous interpretation of a photo. :)))

  15. Suzanne!! This is beyond fabulous! I had to laugh at your comment about being shocked that you found the reference photo:) That sounds like me:) This is amazing! I am really in love with it. Sometimes I think something is wrong with me because I'm more drawn to paintings without people in them. Maybe a commentary on my anti social being:) I love it Suzanne and your talent leaves me awe-struck! I have spent a lot of time staring at this one!!!

  16. Dear Suzanne, it's amazing as always.. you are wonderful.

  17. Great work by all of you! I especially like yours - now you just stop belittling it because you didn't take the photo... and this is HARDLY a 'photo' painting! - because there is tension built into the painting. The dress is ready for an EVENT. It is going to be so FUN, and she (the little girl who has this hanging in her closet) is going to look like a PRINCESS! Thank you Suzanne, this is extraordinary! (and I hear you about #1 being able to find it and #2 having the canvas attached to the photo..:D).

  18. thank you everyone for these amazing comments!! i say it a lot but i know no other way to say it...they mean more than you'll ever know!

  19. Amazing! The perfect subject matter for you to strut your mad fold painting skills.
    You must have extreme patience!

  20. Suzanne, you painted this dress perfectly. The folds in the fabric...excellent. Looks silky!!'re incredibly talented!! BRAVO!

  21. Done just beautifully. Superb. I have run out of adjectives. Nice job.

  22. Hi there Suzanne!... As usual... your competent and unbelievable ability to render texture and light are exquisite!

    Might I be so brazen to add... that this party dress is "well hung"... a term not usually offered to address feminine attributes! The hanger goes with the dress is what I'm getting at Suz!

    ..."Silly bear!"

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  23. How fun it is to look at all of these!
    So beautiful!

  24. Suzanne! I have been a bit negligent in my blog roll and I see I missed a number of fantastic paintings! Wow - do you ever know folds! And obviously love them ; ) A well structured painting - beautifully painted. That left sleeve is killin' me! Wow.

  25. Oh! Suzanne your work is so refreshing. This dress is spectacular. It was a sign I believe.

  26. This is STUNNING! I can almost feel the crispness of the fabric. Wonderful job on the sheen!

  27. Suzanne, I just stopped by for a visit and could not resist looking at this dress once again. I am drawn to it and relish each delicate fold. It is truly an exceptional work of are. Love it.


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