Thursday, September 29, 2011


8x8" oil on 3/4" cradled hardboard

The bugs are back! Clearly the vision I had of myself courageously attacking the "Red Beret" canvas, paint brush in one hand, negative self-talk force-field shield in the other, has morphed into me as a quivering tower of jello, shield gone, with not a paint brush in sight. It's cool though. This too shall pass. Some day, real soon, I'll take up both brush and shield and finish that sucker, but for now, I'm giving it some space.

Which would explain my retreat to the safety of bugs. I'm creating an installation of 16 separate, 8x8 inch ladybugs painted on 3/4" cradled hardboard and this is the first one. They can be purchased separately at $100 each or as the completed installation for $1500. The group will be available by mid October. If one is sold separately, it will be replaced with a new pose with the entire 16 boards completed and available by October 15th. Bees next!

Back to work! Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. Hi there Suzanne... and you started the series with my gal Deb's alter ego... "Miss Lady Bug"!She collects lady bug memorabalia!

    I'll look forward to watching the b ug population ... and your installation grow day by day! What a great idea!

    Good luck with it! I created a self-published book for Deb for Christmas two years ago... entitled "A Lucky Lady Bug Landed on Me" chronicling her personal history and ours as a couple. Such fun... rspecially on Christmas Day!

    Hope that your project yields the same joy ... and rewards for "You" Suzanne!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  2. Oh the ladybird....a perfect start to a buggy series. You've set yourself quite a task to complete that many by mid October, even if they are small. I'm full of admiration and envy at your production capability.

    Since my bee, I've been eyeing up ladybugs too. Such perfect rounded shapes and that scarlet is beautiful.

  3. Oh! Suzanne, He is so bold and beautiful. I love your writings also they are always so interesting.

  4. Beautifully painted!! It sounds like a challenging series. Wonderful idea, Suzanne!!

  5. Hi Suz
    This is a beautiful lady bug!
    It reminds us of the lady bugs that migrate to our house every fall. They fly through the forest and come to our house for the winter,,,in October

  6. Beautiful work. The blog is great. Hope you are in recovery.

  7. I love your bugs! (Aside from the wasps, lol!) And these Ladybirds where my favourites because red is my favourite colour :0)
    I am missing realism so much, but I am trying to force myself away from my comfort zone for a bit. That said, I feel a 'bear' series ahead :0)

  8. Brilliant idea! It's great when you have a project, the question of what shall I paint next isn't a problem anymore. I am sure they will be snapped up before you finish the last one.
    Happy bug painting!

  9. Your love of bugs leaves me quaking in my boots, dear Suz. Still and yet, you sure make them pretty!!

  10. My dear Gunkie,

    I LOVE your bugs!!! And I know you will conquer "The Red Beret" when you feel the time is right. Now ... just keep on gunking!

  11. Oh, that's great fun!! They will look amazing as a group!!

  12. what a lovely bug painting and it sounds like an exciting project Suzanne.... the portrait below i have to say is coming along beautifully... sometimes the question is when is finished really finished? i am working on a portrait and to my mind it is finished but to another it is not.... to me your portrait looked complete but it sounds like you have major plans for it... looking forward to seeing what they are;)

  13. Since I deem ladybugs as the cutest of the nasties I was able to look long and hard at this beautiful painting. Suzanne you are so awesome. Did you know? Cuz you really are. :)))))

    I adore the shine on the ladybug's, er, shell??? This is going to be one cool installation. You'll have to photograph the whole thing hangin so we can see.

  14. Perfect challenge for yourself, can't wait to follow and see the results. I'm sure we will not be disappointed!!

  15. thank you so much everyone for these amazing comments. i would like to thank you personally but apparently macs are not as sturdy as i once thought. it's on the fritz again and back in intensive care along with my address book! gak! when will i learn!

  16. Hi Suzanne,

    I love the idea for the this project and I think it will look so cool to see them as a group. I'm sure it will be very effective. This little lady is getting you off to a great start. You are the queen of bugs!

    Oh, and can you tell me where I can get me one of them force field shields?!

    Thanks! Nicki ;O)


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