Wednesday, October 5, 2011


8x8" oil on cradled hardboard $100 plus shipping 

I'm beginning to believe that Macs aren't all that anymore! Guess who wouldn't boot up yesterday? Back to intensive care. I'm thinkin' we might have bought ourselves a lemon! When we got it back recently, I was alarmed because the fan kept coming on. We realized that since the day we brought it home the fan was NEVER on. It probably fried itself. Now what? Who knows.

Then I got all my chores done and sat down to paint. Good mood, beautiful day. Boo ya! The dreads, outta nowhere!!! No matter what I touched, it turned to poop.

This isn't even post-able, but I'm sick and tired of giving in to whatever seems to be happening.  I refuse to curl up with a bag of chips and sulk. So silly. Such a waste of time. If the dreads aren't gone by tomorrow, I'm workin' anyway. Bite me! If corporately employed I don't think my direct report would let me leave early to go home and watch tv because of some unexplainable, phantom brain fart! So, I'll use the remaining work day to get organized for tomorrow. Just did a raspberry to the dread mahockiss and wet my screen all up. Nice!

And, I'm unable to send personal thank-yous to everyone who left a comment on the first please accept a great big unified THANK YOU for your very kind words.

What was it Scarlett O'Hara said about tomorrow?


  1. These ladybugs are amazing Suzanne, I'm just waiting for it to start crawling!!
    So sad about your Mac!

  2. hey I am genuinely sorry to hear about your Mac... cos i got one too and this is worrying as my fan doesn't come on either unless i am sitting on it;) as for painting... well i wonder if it is the season: a portrait i have been working on for over a week went pear-shaped and i just want to sleep... hibernate, actually. the ladybird is refreshing in its simplicity and presence... i got to learn from this;)

  3. Oh, Suzanne, I think you are being too hard on yourself! These lady bugs are terrific! Hopefully your Mac will make a full recovery and tomorrow is another day! Some days it's better to quit fighting it give in to the unexplainable, phantom brain fart and start fresh the next day!!! Don't worry it happens to everyone:) Hope tomorrow is a better day!

  4. Please accept my sincere condolences for your dire case of the dreads and I'm sending you the BIGGEST, MOST HEARTFelt, VAMPIRE SLAYING, POSITIVE VIBES I can muster to help you conquer them. Ladybug 2 is a beauty. I think I like her even better than the first one. :)))))

    Huzzah to you my good friend! And a speedy recover to the Mac as well!

    And your post cracked me up. :)

  5. Dude. There be a lot of typos in that there comment I just wrote. Hope it's still legible. :)

  6. I love this lady bug, and am waiting for it to start walking and flying.

    Gee your computer sounds like it has a disease

  7. Wow, Suz! I didn't realize how much I'd been missing until I went through all your September posts. You have been rockin' it, sister!!! Those dreads have no credence, so you can totally dismiss them.

    As for your Mac, I can feel your pain. I'm sorry that yours has gone kaput again. That really sucks! Don't give up on all Macs, though. I still think they're the best for what we do. (I got a little secret to share. My Mac, which has given me a few fits in the past couple years just turned 8 years old this month and is still going strong. Thankfully, none of its ailments have been life-threatening, just annoying.)

    Last, but not least, I love all your ladies from September - bugs and human. Great work!


  8. No need for personal thank yous, Suz. We comment because we love you and your work!

  9. My Dear Gunkie! I think it is an international Mahockiss convention!! OMG! I was hit hard this week, too - lot of work ... ZIP ... into the trash.
    But ONWARD and UPWARD! Give your Mahockiss a kick in the ass for me, too.

  10. Hi Suzanne,

    I really like this one- not too sure what you would change. This is going to be a really long project if you are this hard on yourself! ;o)

    I've got a case of the dreads- don't even know what to do next. Something is brewing, but nothing has bubbled to the surface yet. Here is my fear... what if it never does?!!!


  11. What a downer about your Mac. Major bummer.

    Good for you just working anyway. (VERY fun painting, this.) You continue to inspire me. I always wander over here to see what wonder you've come up with lately and am NEVER disappointed. (I wish I could say that about my own work!)

    Wishing you a restful and rejuvenating weekend, dear Girl. I hope you do something really fun.

  12. Sorry to hear about your Mac playing up, it is worrying when youv'e got all your stuff on it, that reminds me to get a back up service I keep meaning to :0, worth the investment.
    Number two bug is a beaut I'm sure you'll feel better tomorrow don't let that aweful feeling win, life is good and you are very talented!

  13. Hi Suzanne!... Deb sends her best..."May the power of the Lucky Ladybug... bee with You"!

    What is most important to remember... is that we did live... paint... and survive nicely ... without these... "insectae electrionicae." Do ya remember?

    You painted just as well then! Go girl!

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving from The Paint Box!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  14. Love these lady bugs- the shell on them is just amazing! Looks like you could reach out and gently tap it. You are too good to be worrying with the dreads...dismiss them and carry on friend!! You are on a roll- keep 'em coming.
    Love my Mac but you must have gotten a lemon:( Hope it gets better soon!


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