Saturday, October 22, 2011


16x20" oil on canvas

We need some space and my storeroom has been targeted! Ouch! Time for a SALE!

I went through my paintings and selected some that I'm reducing in price. If you'd like to take advantage of this sale, I would prefer PayPal, but please feel free to contact me, I'll be happy to discuss other arrangements.

I've selected a few from the larger, mid-size and small canvases.  Here we go:

Sunny Side Up
16x20" oil on board

Artichoke One
16x16" oil on linen

Ribbons One
30x30" oil on canvas

16x16" oil on canvas

Green Shadow
16x20" oil on canvas
$350 reduced to $250

Lemon Thru The Drinking Glass
20x20" oil on linen

Three Reds
16x20" oil on canvas

Greens and Reds
16x20" oil on canvas

 The smaller paintings—which range in size from 4x4" up to 5x7"—  are reduced from $125 down to $50 each, or 3 for $140. Shipping $10.00. Just email me and let me know by name which ones you're interested in and I'll send you an invoice.

Please feel free to visit my gallery at and for more.

Thank you so much for dropping by.


  1. Wow, great idea Suzanne. I'm sure these will fly out of your storage room!

  2. INCREDIBLY talented!!!! I love them all...I don't think you'll have a hard time selling these! That first one is outstanding...

  3. Amazing prices for such talented work!

  4. These are all just incredible! Every single one is a master-piece! By the way, I recongnised the Ball Jar; Carrie from Carries creations (link on my blog) has recently done an entire series of watercolours of Ball Jars in an incredibly realistic style. I've never seen them over here though :0)

  5. I love every one of these! If I had any money I'd be buying...but I have my own storage place FULL of unsold work! Do you do any of the spring/summer/fall outdoor shows? I can't believe this stuff wouldn't sell immediately!

  6. Echoing Karen! I'm going to look again when we get paid and pay the bills that need paying.

  7. Beautiful work Suzanne —plus amazing prices! Love the way you showcased them.

  8. Beautiful work Suzanne! I really like all of them!

  9. Good luck with your sale. Many of these appeal to me!

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