Saturday, October 15, 2011


16x20" oil on canvas $275

This month's challenge, given to us by Robin Cheers, was quite challenge! We were given this black and white photograph.....

as reference and asked to paint it in full color, keeping the values as close to the original as possible. I spent more than a few days fretting about this puppy, however, once I sat down to work on it, I decided to take each element and choose shadow, mid tone and highlight colors, with a dash of a pure version of each color for some added life. It was fun actually, once I got going. And an added plus was the decision to paint much more loosely than I usually do. It's obvious I've got some chillaxin' to do in that department, but, up close it looks a lot looser than it does from a distance. Baby steps right?

Oh, and before I forget...the 16-piece Ladybug Installation will be done by month's end instead of today. What was I thinking? Besides, I think the finished group will make a more definitive post than one after another.

That said, time for the group to hang some laundry, enjoy!

Fresh Sheets
11x14" watercolor on aquaboard
© Vicki Ross

8x10" oil on canvas
© Sharman Owings

Summer Chores
11x14" oil on panel
© Robin Cheers 2011

10x8" oil on hardboard
©Diana Moses Botkin 2011

"Its a Wash"
8x6" oil on canvas
© Ruth Andre


  1. So interesting to see all the interpretations of this. I love how you dramatized the light yet kept the blanket colors bright; it's a wonderful painting!

  2. You captured the transformation from greyscale to colour beautifully. And it is a challenge to do so. Is there anything you can't do? :)

    I love to see the different interpretations of the pieces. It always amazes me to see how different brains/eyes see the same thing.

  3. Your painting really puts me right there with that gal! Congrats on this wonderful piece!

  4. Gosh you did it again! Gorgeous!
    And we also love to see how each artist interpeted the scene.
    Each one was beautiful and told a story.

  5. Your colours are so vivid and beautiful!

  6. I love the colors you chose: such a happy, sunshiny painting!

  7. you've made it come alive suzanne beautiful colour and brushstrokes will come back to see the rest of the ladybirds ciao

  8. Hi there Suzanne!... Another lovely rendition of a singular moment!

    It was great to compare the group results to see how each came at the challenge... really drove home how we each have our own processes.

    I didn't feel at all that your piece was as quite loose as you felt. The drawing rather followed the elements of grey scale version of the photo exactly. But the painting of this was marvellously conducted... making the final painting my favourite... in terms of colour.

    Good one!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  9. An absolutely wow piece, Suz! Truly amazing, your abilities! Love the colors of the sheets too. I must say that there is something so poignant about this piece for me. So timeless. The only thing that is changed from 150 years ago is the clothes!

  10. That is SO gorgeous SUzanne! And wow am I impressed at your colors especially knowing you had no reference for them! i love the way the girl's hip is resting too. Just awesome Suz. :)))

  11. And you have made this look as though it was effortless - again! It amazes me everytime! I find this even more admirable since it isn't even your own vision, because I would find that VERY hard! :0)

  12. Yep, you're AWESOME! I found myself riveted for several minutes...


  13. What is it about laundry that makes it such a great subject to paint? Great play on primary colors!

  14. Suzanne, you just seem to knock everything out of the park and this is no exception. I love the colors you chose to make this special...wonderful, wonderful!!

  15. You stayed VERY true to the values from the photo and I find it amazing that you just thought up the colors--they look sooo lifelike!! I'm likin' the looser brushybrush too.

  16. thank you all so very much. again and again, your comments mean a LOT!

  17. Well done! Great challenge, too.

  18. Excellent work. I also really loved the last post. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Suz, this is fabulous!! Love your answer to this challenge. It takes me back to when we lived in Germany and almost everyone in our village hung their close out to dry. One lady even like to do this completely nude, to each their own:) Great colors and I'm in love with that shadow dancing across the blue sheet.

  20. Great colors Suzanne- And a very confident and sure strokes! Love that one . Are your guys accepting a new members for your challenges? :-))


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