Friday, September 9, 2011


18x24"  oil on canvas

This is one of the commissions I've been prattling on about. It was a pleasure to work on, the reference photo is amazing. I find I'm getting more comfy with non-human backgrounds.

While working on this, it struck me that the client might have wanted the figure to be more prominent, so I stopped work and began another view. I'll post that tomorrow, see what you think.

Enjoy the weekend, stay safe.


  1. I really thought this was a photograph when I saw it on the thumbnail! It really is fantastic! I love these portraits of people simply being just who they are, doing just what they do. They are far more interesting than portraits that are of people sitting and posing aren't they?
    I love the fact that there is all of that neutral hard concrete, plaster, bricks, rails and cobbles and then as a complete contast there is the colourful figure, who is dressed in soft fabrics, even her bag is soft. And the colours in her clothes are carried through the painting in places too - This is just SO perfectly executed!
    Well - aren't they always? :0)

  2. Gorgeous! The light in perfection, along with every other aspect of this painting. I cannot image that you painted it twice! Cannot wait for your next post.

  3. I agree - doing non-traditional portraits is fantastic! The colors, the composition, the light, the ambiance...all wonderful!

  4. I especially like the setting she's in. Goes well with your new loose brushwork style.

  5. This is just wonderful! I like the building - it has so much texture. And all the colors in the snow shadows and light. Of course, you nailed her gesture! Your brush strokes look looser and I like that, too. Well done (as always!!!)!!

  6. I think it's a fascinating painting, Suzanne. The shadows and the well-worn buildings make a great foil for the figure. Good job, Gunkie!!! :)

  7. It's fabulous Suzanne. :) But really all of your work is. I love paintings like this, like a real glimpse into a real person's life. Very cool.

  8. Suzanne, it's GREAT. I can feel the cold air and snow beneath my feet. I love the shadows and I can't imagine anyone not wanting this excellent painting.
    All the best to you, and yes stay safe this weekend, we are already been warned stay alert. Oh what times we live in, stay well.


  9. This is wonderful Suzanne! I bet Deirdre is thrilled with it!! I especially like the composition, placement of figure and the long blue shadows.

  10. Did you know you are an amazing artist?

    We think so.... look what you did! Amazing!

  11. Thank you so very much for these wonderful comments! I so appreciate them, they mean so very much!

  12. Oh Suzanne, This painting so speaks to the heart. A girl with a camera. There is so much to see. Love it.


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