Wednesday, October 15, 2008


7 x 5"
Oil on canvas

I bought himself all manner of gourmet accoutrement one Christmas. This bottle, empty now, was filled with blood orange oil. Amazing stuff. Just the scent of it made you feel all gooey and warm inside. He added it to a lobster dish once and took it to another whole level. Seems anything he added it to was enhanced in a way that made the dish somehow ethereal or other worldly good. Who cares if he's not on top of the garbage to the curb thing. The man can cook! For real!

Anyway, the bottle is one of our favorites and I thought it warranted a daily effort. A quick thought regarding painting on a black surface—odds botkins!!! It is the answer to everything! Thank you to an incredible artist, Jelaine Faunce, for that advice.


  1. You're welcome, and good job! Very rich image.

  2. This is a wonderful painting! I will look for some blood orange oil.
    But...what is meant by odd botkins in regard to painting on a black surface???


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