Sunday, October 19, 2008


6 x 6"
Oil on linen

I am very happy. When one "teaches" themselves to do something, and I use the term "teaches" loosely, one usually gets bogged down by ego and cannot see the forest for the trees. It takes a while for me to actually get around to using the advice I'm always asking for. Guess it's one of those "I have to discover it myself" kind of ego saving exercises. Or perhaps I was just scared? Who cares? Two words! Black canvas. I feel as though a door has been opened up on so many new possibilities with my work. I'm actually feeling brave. It's been a while since I had such a growth spurt. Feels good. Haven't whined or heavy sighed in at least 48 hours. About my work anyway.

I was painting last week when I looked out my front window and saw the sun glowing on the rhodadenren
bush outside. There I was, in the front yard, flannel jams and Frankenstein flip flops, shooting the bush with the dige. Got some nice shots. More to come.


  1. Hi Suzanne--I want to wish you a belated welcome to DP! You do beautiful work and I'm very happy you're in the group. Best of luck with your painting.

  2. This is just lovely! When I saw the initial thumbnail, it looked like there was a fairy in it.
    I notcied you are in Coram, NY. I'm in Saratoga Springs..not sure where Coram is though.
    Happy Painting and my best regards.


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