Tuesday, October 14, 2008


18 X 24"
Oil on canvas

I miss the white hot sun of a mid-summer noon day. Never thought I'd say that, but nothing is drying! I've got a painting in the oven. Never thought I'd say that either.

I began the as yet unfinished daily on Thursday of last week! My first on a pre-painted black surface. Oh my! I get it now. So, I went and painted all of my toned canvasses and board surfaces, save one, black and they're not dry enough to paint on yet! Oh well.

I haven't posted in days and I am beginning to feel untethered from the planet again. This is a recent commission and his name is Freeway. Is he not scrunchable cute?

Working on a process yet again. The plan is to have this studio working like a well-oiled timepiece from back in the day. Commissions, dailies, gallery hopefuls broken down into hourly compartments. I know I can do this. Just step away from the mouse Suzanne.

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