Wednesday, October 8, 2008


12 X 12"
Oil on canvas

Himself assures me there are nude images throughout blogger, and I really want to post the nudes I'm doing, so I'll take a chance and see what happens. I find I'm drawn to the female form when I paint, but decided to include males as well. In life class there is no choice, the model is the model and you are forced to draw the poses he or she takes. That eliminates procrastination, which I'm really good at. But, here at home, doing a daily, I've got so much reference material it took me an hour to decide which pose to do.

It's amazing what's available to artists nowadays. I bought a series of books called Virtual Pose which include a cd that allows you to view the model in Quicktime. You can then take your mouse, position it over the image, drag and the model turns 360 degrees so you can draw the same pose from any position. Incredible!

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