Sunday, September 20, 2009


oil on linen
in progress

I'm still waitin' on the muse...great song title...anyway, she is a fickle little witch isn't she! It is Sunday, however feel free to exchange the "w" for a "b," if that's your natural inclination. I assure you, it's mine. Anyway, I'm realizing now, she actually did show up, but since her gift was not in praise of moi, it took till today to discern she had indeed visited!

For lack of a better thread, I'm following the "floating face" thang. They're fun and fast, and appear to scratch that annoying ego itch quickly and somewhat painlessly. But, I thought, why not try the same thing in a larger format and in oil?...(there's a pattern here isn't there?)...the still-evolving result is above. I was just going to leave it as it is, satisfied that my "floating face" thing was indeed progressing, having moved to a larger venue and medium, and would one day possibly be my new "answer!" Maybe fill in only a few other parts of the face in a graphic manner, maybe a splash of red to define the right side of the face.

As the afternoon shadows faded into evening on Friday, I sat on the bed, looking alternately at the TV screen and the canvas shown above. I was pretty satisfied, but I knew that somewhere, more artists than I cared to imagine, were taking the concept of "floating faces" to places unknown or imagined, by me anyway, and I wanted, very much, to see some examples. I'll jump online later tonight and find some to check out, I thought.

A half an hour later, himself had arrived home from work and was all excited about this artist he'd found online. "She does the faces thing," he said, "but differently, you really need to see her work!"

Himself, my perfect "little" resident geek, has the mac hooked up so we can view monitor content on the embarrassingly large flat screen that we share our bedroom with. As I sat there, the images that flashed before my eyes were indeed incredible and coincidentally (there are none by the way) exactly what I had in mind to look for later that night! This artist, based in England, had done an incredible collection of what I call "floating faces," in oil and thread no less and I was transfixed! Check out her work, particularly "Pores," on:, it is a feast of texture, composition and skill!

Since whatever transpires is entirely about moi, including viewing Linda's work, what struck me was the absence of my usual all-encompassing creative submission to one obviously more imaginative than I. This was, in the not too distant past, my time to withdraw into my shell, pull my head back into the darkness and assume my favorite hang-dog position of one with ability but no imagination. Why didn't I think of that? Why is it I can't do anything that's different? Blah, blah, blah and more blah. I suddenly realize, with great delight, I'm feeling excitement, not defeat!

It's a new emotion, coming at a time when I'm usually consumed with envy and doubt. Creative horizons open wider with each new image that appears on the screen! I see, for what could be, the first time in my life, actually, that this exciting work is a light to illuminate my path, not obliterate it! And I believe that is my elusive answer! Natural inclination! We'll see how this evolves, it might stay just like it is but I hope I'll be inspired to take a lot more chances and explore many more possibilities than I have before. I'm the only one who can limit moi. As true as it is cheesy! And cheesy works just fine if it gets me out of my own way.

Also, in an effort to get himself off his artistic arse, we've agreed to paint the same subject matter and post a side by side comparison of the paintings. I'm excited to see what he does. I love his work. He works a full day of graphic design and editing so being creative at home isn't a priority. It certainly wasn't mine back in the day. One month from today, Northport, October 20th!


  1. I liken it to the DSFDF challenge. You bring your own unique portrayal of floating faces. Your hubby is a sweetie to be so into your art.

  2. Checked out Linda's "Pores" I like yours better, I see more heart and expression in yours, hers are very expressive and textural but yours has more of the heart of the subject expressed.

  3. Suzanne, sometimes when I read your posts I feel like you are in my head and know how to express exactly some of the emotions I,too, have felt many times before. This was great post and I appreciate your willingness to share your vulnerability. Thank you for directing your readers to Linda Ingham's work. I enjoyed looking at "Pores", but certainly not more than I have enjoyed looking at your floating faces. This new one today is fantastic. Fantastic, I tell you!

  4. Excellent post, Suz. I checked out Linda's work and really enjoyed it. Thanks for the link. I absolutely LOVE that you feel challenged, not intimidated. I'm excited by your enthusiasm and cannot wait to see what's going to explode out of you. Happy Creating, -Don

  5. Wow! I love how the head and shoulders are suggested by just the "ghost" of lines. The best yet! And I'm follower number 80!

  6. Suzanne, thanks for directing us to Linda's work, which is exciting, especially with the threads interwoven. However, I'm a purist, I like your faces better. It made me happy to hear that you are encouraged by her work, not intimidated. You are an amazing and talented artist, who can hold her own with the best of them. Hugs

  7. Suzanne!

    Very tightly rendered so far!

    Excellent job on the glare of the glasses.

    Something about that blueish color that just works so well here.

    It'll be interesting to see if you leave the portrait as is or will fill in the entire head.


  8. Suzanne, I visited Linda's link, and although she is very creative, I must say, I prefer your floating faces by FAR!!! I agree with everything Victoria said. You are extremely talented, quite superb really. All your work is exceptional. Just keep doing what you do, in your own way, IMHO!


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