Monday, September 7, 2009


pencil on paper

If you've followed my blog, you know I'm not at all motherhood material, so you'll understand why my first name choice for this drawing was "Birth Control!" But, I thought, the sound of a child crying actually is music to some parent's ears! So, on this Labor Day, I'm raising my glass not only to the working force (let's hope it stops shrinking soon) but to parents everywhere. That's where the real work begins!


  1. you're so funny... i love these faces drawings

  2. You've got the expression spot on. It's a gorgeous rendering of an intense emotion that connects on a subconscious level. Nice!

  3. Sometimes I wax nostalgic as I think "my children are growing up too fast"...that is until I hear a child crying it's head off somewhere. Then I remember what I don't miss about them being young...

    Great drawing, Suz. I think this is my favorite in this series, so far.

  4. This makes the pair complete from Sept 1 post of angelic darling! Fabulous

  5. "Birth control"--oh my god, you just made me laugh so hard. :D

    Fabulous drawings you have here, my dear!

  6. Suzanne!

    This looks ridiculously awesome!

    The screaming face right in the middle of the blank white paper is shocking, eye-catching, and just plain cool-looking!

    Your mention of "birth control" as a possible title made me chuckle too!



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