Friday, September 4, 2009


pencil on paper

I have no clever ideas about this expression. I've seen it many times on many different faces, but I seem to have misplaced my objectivity tonight. There's a story here somewhere, but it's not coming out. Hmmmm. Oh well. Perhaps another time.

I'm really, really behind schedule. I seemed to have let everything pile up somehow and I don't have time to just paint. Not complaining. Grateful for the work, but even the fact that I miss just painting is a very good sign!

And, I simply cannot believe how much we are missing our little man! I'm talking to his image on the computer screen, still carrying ARFOD around and putting together photo albums. All part of the process I guess. Heavy sigh.

Oh well. Enjoy the holiday weekend! Ridiculously quick summer, no?


  1. Hey Suzanne Even I have also seen this type of expression on many faces...Lovely sketch.

    Water based Color Pencil: Pomegranates

  2. This new series of drawings is spectacular! Can't believe you can get so much contrast with a pencil. Love the way you let the features float without the distraction of the face outline. Very original and beautifully tranquil.

  3. I like these little bits of faces...I daresay they might be more interesting this way, having left out all but the essentials.

  4. Ridiculously quick summer, yes! I'm still trying to catch up with everything. These faces are wonderful! Hope you've had a great weekend.

  5. Very cool drawings. They are so intriguing.

    We never stop missing our furry children. But the sharpness of the ache subsides somewhat.


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