Tuesday, January 26, 2010

THE DAZ MAN LIMPETH or The $3000 Fall

First, an explanation of the name. Red became Raz, to go better with Berry. Raz then became Razzle Dazzle which then morphed into The Daz Man...occasionally. You know how your dog's name becomes unrecognizable at least midway through his or her first year.

Anyway, yesterday morning, there we were the four of us. Snug as bugs in a rug. I was happily reading my book, himself has Monday's off so he was dozing softly beside me, Blu curled around his neck, a snoring, furry loving collar and Raz was down by my foot, hugging the edge of the bed as he is wont to do, my foot and leg on guard, keeping him from falling. We were all sooo cozy and happy. The next thing I knew I felt Raz roll over my ankle and topple off the bed to land on the carpet with a soft thud. I wasn't too alarmed, obviously, keeping them from falling off the bed is a good idea but both of them had been jumping off more recently before we had the chance to stop them. I got up to pick him up and noticed he was limping.

Long story short...yeah, I know, too late...he broke his little hip! What that means is his joint came out of the socket and now has to be removed. What??? Apparently, the muscles hold everything in place in small breeds so they don't need the ball joint.

We had a really blue Monday around the Berry household I can tell you. Our perfect little baby now has to have surgery, FHO surgery to be exact, on top of having his little pebbles removed soon. After a somewhat lengthy recovery, she said he'd be almost as good as new.

Until then, unfortunately, The Daz Man Limpeth.


  1. Oooh.... I hate when babies [fleshy human and cute furry ones] aren't feeling well. Here's to a quick recovery after surgery.

  2. Poor little babe...and poor you guys. Hard to see them hurtin'. He's a cutie. I love the metaphor. of his name. and am stifling a grin at 'pebbles'...hadn't heard that term before. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Raz.

  3. Yikes! I'm sorry to hear this. I hope the Daz Man is running around limp-free soon. -Don

  4. Oh noo! Poor little guy. Poor wallets!

  5. P.P.S. Our dogs have similar nicknames (at the moment. As you know, these things continually morph). Adopted him as Jesse, changed to Jazz, to Jazzy, to Jazzman, to Wazzy, to Jazzy Wazzy, to Dazzle, to Wazzle, to...Waz Man!

  6. Awww...it makes me cringe to think of his tiny hip. Give him a little head scratch for me, ok?

  7. Suzanne!

    Oh no!

    Poor Raz!

    Hopefully the little guy will heal up after his surgery and be good as new!


  8. Thank you so much everyone for your kind thoughts. Spending the weekend without the little critter basically sucked. We kept Blu entertained and he did well but spent three days searching for his bro. We're picking him today in a little bit. We got the whole hip replaced and they just told us he's walking on it already and doing great. Whew! Thank you so very much, your words really mean a lot.

  9. I'm browsing your older posts and just found this. Happily the traumatic event is now a distant memory. I just wanted to ask if you've ever noticed that if you look at Daz's face upside down and ignore the actual nose and mouth, his wrinkles become the nose and mouth? The eyes remain as eyes, just upside down. Huh.

  10. oh sweet little boy- we just read this for the first time!


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