Friday, January 15, 2010


Spoon and Friends
12x12”  oil on canvas
©Suzanne Berry

It’s that time again! This month’s theme: a spoon, an apple and glass. I tried to be clever but failed. Except for the spoon part. Himself received these wooden beauties from his Secret Santa the very day the challenge subject was announced. He took them out of the bag and said, “Check these out! You should paint them!” Done and done.

In an effort to be more spontaneous I waited until the last minute to do this, hoping I’d study the reference and apply spontaneously perfect strokes of paint that visually told the story in an instant. Just looks sloppy to me, but it’s a start. And let's face it, I waited till the last minute cuz I'm addicted drama. Can’t seem to live without it. Had a tree service getting rid of dead trees in the backyard, the pups wailing in their playpen right beside me and a list of chores that would overwhelm Martha.

I really love everyone’s take on this month’s challenge. Enjoy.

Spoon and Friends
12" x 12" (30.5cm x 30.5cm)
oil on canvas
$135 plus $12.95 shipping and handling in the US
E-mail me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.

Kitchen Lovelies  7x5” oil on hardboard
© Diana Moses Botkin

Apple, Spoon and Glass 8x10 oil on paper
©Robin Cheers

Aunt Bea’s Morning Glories
5x5” oil on panel

Spoon Bridge
6x6” oil on board
©Michael Naples

Baked Apple Reflection
8x10” oil on panel
©Vicki Ross 2010


  1. I posted a comment earlier on a previous posting. Still love 'em all... -Don

  2. I guess I must be addicted to drama too because I also tend to wait until the last minute. Or maybe it's something else for me. I think it might have more to do with wanting the idea to come together just right and hoping it will improve if I wait a bit longer. Or sometimes I'm still waiting for inspiration at the last minute! What's THAT about?!

    Anyway... enough self examination for now!

    I'm enjoying your painting a lot. Those spoons are so intriguing and really make me want to use them to eat something... applesauce maybe.

  3. Don, thanks so much.

    Diana, glad to hear you do the same. It's all about the drama isn't it? I guess we need it. Oh well. Aren't those spoons great? I was looking forward to doing silver highlights until I saw them. I loved your painting, it's beautiful and a very clever concept.

  4. Fun challenge! Love the different versions. That's some wooden spoon! very cool. :-D

  5. What an unusual looking spoon, Suzanne!

    The apples look crisp and good enough to eat!


  6. Thats a great spoon Suzanne! Interesting variety of pics)

  7. Gorgeous! Wonderful palette. Turq. & Red is my very favorite combo. Your glass is always so wonderfully translucent and reflective. Love this composition too. Very nicely balanced.

    I'm with you on the drama. Personally, I think it's a hangover from the Commercial Art days when everything was "right now". Or maybe even further back to the days when procrastination ruled and the rabbit was always pulled out of the hat just in time. There's a certain thrill and spontaneity in that. Somehow, the magic always seems to happen in those times.

  8. Hello All
    Im new to the site and looking at your work causes me to feel like a preschooler when it comes to creating art. I feel so behind. I just graduated from Art School and then I was diagnosed with Cancer so for all of 2010 up until last month I have been unable to create art. Looking at your work is very refreshing and it has inspired me to create and paint everyday so that I can get better. I thank God for life and being alive and able to still paint and get around. I love your rich colors and the balance and harmony your work has. It makes you want to come up real close and study verses looking quickly and walking away. I will be purchasing some of your pieces soon.


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