Thursday, January 21, 2010


oil on canvas

Last year I donated a portrait to the Milwaukee Pug Fest Silent Auction. At the time I wasn't such a fan of Pugs, but I had come to see that Pug owners were fanatical about their Puglets. Now I know why. The really interesting thing is that when I jumped back on Nero to finish him up, I was very familiar with the Pug mug. Now all those folds, snorts, little infant noises and sniffles are the sights and sounds I look forward to every morning. I'm a believer.

The reference photo was interesting in that the grass dominated the shot with Nero at the bottom. I wasn't sure it would work as a painting so I decided to substitute the grass with some nice blue which then became sky. The moon was added because I thought Nero exhibited a "ruler of the universe" type vibe and a full moon during the day always looks very other worldly to me.


  1. Oh Suzanne! You really highlight your gift with painting when you show us your thinking process for ending up with a outstanding portrait! I love the fact you edited the grass, added the blue background and the mystical moon.

  2. they must be wonderful dogs to make up for a face like that. Excellent representation of a very....."pretty?" dog. wowser, was that hard to get out.

  3. Absolutely lovely! Pugs are great dogs, and you can tell you had fun painting him...

  4. He's wonderful! You nailed the noble nature of the pug, and wow, wht a beautiful job on the fur.

  5. How can he just sit there? Doesn't he know full moons were made for howling at?

    Great job, Suz... I'm a believer, as well - in you, that is...


  6. Suzanne!

    At first I thought you had gotten yet another dog! LOL

    What a great pet portrait!

    I love the moon in the background. The colors are so rich and graphic and Nero has quite the facial expression!

    Excellent job!!


  7. Wonderful Suzanne, a great portrait, and what a great idea with the moon)

  8. Perfect, Suzanne! What a fun painting and I love it that you put the sky and moon in there... really makes a colorful and bold statement with this little big man.

  9. Sheila, thank you! It was weird, I don't use artistic license enough. I'm so glad you like the sky and moon I added.

    Rick, I know what you mean and thanks. The Pug pod under my bed has taken me over. I actually think their faces are adorable. Very weird. Thanks so much.

    Annie, thank you so much!

    Lisa, thank you. It was really fun after spending time with our Pugs.

    L. Holm, thanks so much, I really appreciate it.

    Don, you always say the nicest things.

    Dean, you are so kind, thanks so much. Your comments mean so much.

    Sam, thanks! I really appreciate it.

    Diana, you're too kind, thank you!

    Isiah, thank you.

  10. Superb! Love the sheen of of his coat and the blue reflections around the eyes. Nice changes to the composition...great choices!


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