Sunday, January 5, 2014


20x20" oil on linen $175
Painting Five


Day five and I'm lookin' forward to the end of the month! Not losing interest, just miss sitting around wondering if I should paint. And still need to finish that freelance job, she said with a heavy sigh. Not complaining, (yes you are) but I just wanna focus on the challenge.  Hopefully I'll be able to wrap my end up early this week.

The contrast of thinking that I'm working a lot and actually working a lot is startling. I'm not sure I will keep this pace up after the challenge concludes (golly Suz, really?) but I was thinking maybe taking a month off, catch up on commissions and donations and then doing it again. Big talk for being just five days in, although I do feel reinvigorated and very enthusiastic...right now.

But I can see now that all of this work is keeping me miles from the pity pot. Berry is always right.

I love painting insects on a white canvas. Tidying it up with white paint when I'm done is crucial because not only do the smudges disappear but I can control the shadows and wings by toning them down.

Thanks for stopping by. Off to start days six and seven! Can't believe I'm actually doing this! And I know Tim is as surprised as I am!


  1. What I like best about your work is that you paint what you want, and do it beautifully. I'm doing the challenge too, and yep, it's only day five!!

  2. I do so love your insects. (That sounds weird.)

  3. You know I LOVE your work .... insects are great!!

  4. Suzanne, Love the bug and the white background as only you can do it.

  5. Oh mannnnn Suz!!!!
    Here is another "how can it be" that you can do this? The bug is a masterpiece, and it cannot get any better.
    We are getting so that we can hardly wait to see what your next challenge will be!
    And that you do whatever you do in one day-- well that is amazing!
    We love what you do!

  6. As squeamish as I am over bugs of any kind, you make them beautiful Suz.

  7. I just love your insect paintings Suzanne! And I had NO DOUBT you could do this : )

  8. I think I'm in love. Shoo fly is utter perfection!!!!!

  9. Love the personality you portray with this painting. So awesome of you to tackle the challenge.


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