Friday, January 3, 2014


"Baby Blu Berry"
8x8" oil on canvas $150
Painting Three

Okay, this is working! I splashed!! Tightened up to do the eye but this was done in about 2 hours! Had to force myself to call it though. So wanted to get into those details!

The love seat is under the picture they still call them that? the living room and since I put it there it has become the boys "go to" perch. They spend the day barking at leaves, people, white cars and trucks and the mailman! Seriously, what is the deal with dogs and the mailman? They go nuts. Feels familiar...repeating myself again. Anyway, then they run to the back door to be let out so they can "chase" whoever they were barking at.

The love seat is in shambles but they love looking out the window so much I don't have the heart to try and keep them off of it. Plus, they exhaust themselves all day and sleep soundly the minute their little heads hit my pillow! Yep! Still hanging my kiester off the side of the king size but hey, they're comfy.

Anyway, this challenge thing so far is the best thing that could have happened. I say "happened" because I see, each and every day that what we focus on becomes our reality. I kept saying I wanted to get back to dailies but never really thought about how. Even finding this challenge that Leslie is hosting was through a new friend I've just made through a comment she left on my blog. And here I am, doing dailies and really enjoying myself! Repeating...again!

I love beginning on a black canvas. Unless I'm doing a bug, the white space seems so daunting and difficult to fill up for me. It becomes sort of like a scratch board exercise...picking the light out of the dark and mid tones just sort of happens. Plus it keeps me from working light to dark which never works out well, and yet I still insist on trying to make it.

I have so many great shots of the boys. I can see it now....eggs, pugs and fruit...fruit, eggs and pugs. I'm cool with that.

Tim worked some TV magic the other night. It's amazing, the man is Spirit and I'm still feeling insecure, in spite of all the signs, visits and validation from a world famous medium...ah yes,  those ever present abandonment issues (thanks mom). So, I'm thinking, it's almost been two years since I heard those magic words, what if he's found some blithe spirit to while away the hours with?

Turn on the tube, begin channel surfing, land on a movie some of my friends have been prompting me to see...Where Dreams May Come! It's been on for a few so I thought I'll check it out for a while. It's the scene where his wife...who by the way is an standing in front of her canvas in the middle of an ugly cry and he's standing so close, trying to make her feel and hear him and at that moment, he yells into her ear...."I LOVE YOU!!!" Happy tears followed. And lots of goose bumps! Another sign.

Coincidence? Perhaps. But not for me! Then the movie got weird. It's funny and tragic...seems humans cannot conceive of a place without conflict...not even heaven!

Off to get going on painting number 27 and thank you again and again for the lovely comments! It's wonderful to see all of the incredible work everyone is doing. 


  1. This is a beautiful painting! I can't stop staring at it

  2. Good job!!! You've created what looks like a really detailed painting, without painting all the detail.

  3. Love this little guy, and your new looser technique. I've been watching your blog for a while, your paintings are truly wonderful. Keep going, Ms. Berry!

  4. Oh My Gosh! I love pugs!! This pug painting of yours looks so darn REAL. This is stunning, amazing, beautiful all rolled into one. How rewarding it must be to be able to paint like this!!!

  5. I know just what you mean! Good intentions don't help much until you have a plan. I love this challenge for that reason also. The face is completely adorable. Can't believe you finished it so quickly!

  6. fabulous works so far and keep 'em coming Suz!

  7. Awwwwwwww, Blu looks so squeezable there. I know he probably erupted into barking 10 seconds later :) Love it!

    I think this 30 day challenge landed in your lap at a perfect time and will work well for you. And Tim is definitely keeping an eye on you and shows you when you need it most.

  8. Gosh Suz
    You must have been up all night painting this beautiful portrait!
    It could not be any better! The reflection in the eyes is beyond real!
    Another master piece- an by the way-- you may not know it, but I do all that barking and running too. Moms call me a holler monkey!
    Yay yay- Angel Tim is communicating with you,,, and you are listening!
    your tweedles

  9. Hey Gunkie, I LOVE Baby Blu Berry - truly beautifully done!!! And I had goose-bumps reading about the scene from Where Dreams May Come.

  10. This painting and post really made me smile. :-)

  11. Oh I really love this, he is adorable! I can see I'm going to enjoy following your 30/30 paintings!! I like the idea of starting on a black canvas...I might have to try it some time:)

  12. Oh my! How gorgeous is this Blu Pug? He is beautiful, Suz. So glad Tim doesn't let you sorrow for long. He's right there with you and it is magical.

  13. Loved reading about the day the dogs have - sounds just like Paco's! This painting is so very beautiful - and just because you 'stopped' doesn't mean you have to change - but if you WANT to loosen up, I guess this is the way to do it! And those lovely, soulful eyes… perfection! I hate how they mess up movies.. too many cooks, I think, between the writer, the director, the producers, the editors…. but I'm really glad you saw the 'moment'.. xoxo

  14. This post - I found myself saying 'yes, yes and yes' to. Marvelous painting of Blu - the eyes say it. The story about the couch by the window (and I had an antique rocker - destroyed by dachshunds) I have such connection with - only my boys HATE the UPS truck. We were even in the RV once in Jackson Hole and my black and tan gave a grumble..took me a minute to pan out there and see what was giving such angst - a brown on the corner a block away. I have a big black canvas (they actually make them now - amazing) and will paint my three on it for over the bed. You are right, it is great for bringing things UP into the light. That was what the TV show was all about for you, just seeing that scene. AND sleeping on a kingsized bed with dogs - oh ya - my keister and then some hang off and out of blankets as well. Paint on!

  15. Love, love this post suzanne! And your portrait of your pug is gorgeous. His eyes are amazing and so well painted! You gave me goose bumps with where dreams come from!!

  16. If I lived near you, I'd show you how to splash, dribble, and in general make a mess. BUT, you are so good with what Suz is doing, relax and enjoy it! Be sure you subscribe to my blog at,
    Where I'm exploring some if the same issues. I'm having fun creative writing!

  17. Very sweet! he has waiting for mommy eyes :)

  18. My favorite of the hundreds of images. Not only is the technique superb, but the emotion is spot on. I still miss my bulldog, whose head was always being held up not by his neck. I am glad to hear I wasn't the only one hanging off the edge of the bed.

  19. This is so lovely. I am waiting for it to let out some kind sound, but hoping too for the quiet mood to continue.

  20. It's mine it's mine it's mine!!! I couldn't be more thrilled :)


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