Wednesday, January 8, 2014


"How Many Days Left???"
10x10 oil on linen $75
Painting Eight


Okay, I'll admit it. All I felt like doing today was curling up with the remote. But as much as I dreaded getting started, I felt relieved and relaxed once I got going. I have two that I began yesterday but even after working on them today, I can see they're going to need some more time to marinate so I did a floating face instead.

Her expression describes my emotions today regarding the challenge at this point. I want to remain optimistic and excited but coming up with new and different subject matter is a challenge....oh.... yeah, I get it now...that's why it's called a challenge!

Thanks for stopping by! Off to tidy, relax and enjoy some wine and chat with himself.


  1. My sentiments exactly - there is life at the end of this tunnel, keep chuggin along....chugga..chugga...chug - chug. Today's was a painful (not paintful) experience for me.

  2. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. Yep, it was a wipe off day for me. I painted and wiped for several hours. Ugh!!! But I like your floating face, which is perfect!

  3. And good for you for challenging yourself Suz,, Keep it up- come on- your doing it and were beside you!

  4. I laughed - what well done fun!
    You are doing great - glad it is not me! I have done the 30 - 30 before so I feel I am on vacation!
    But you will grow from all this work, and I will not... so it will be really worth it for you..

  5. Well, that IS me! - exactly how I'm feeling right now. Guess today was a 'challenge' for many of us, I ended up wipeing as well. But we can, we will, we.... carry on!
    ps: LOVE the face!

  6. I love these, Suz. I'm of a mind to curl up with a book and a blanket myself.

  7. I love these, they crack me UP! Do you use a photo… a mirror, or just an active imagination? Me too, baby, me too.

  8. Wow! I have missed SO much!!! I have scrolled down through all of your daily paintings so far and I am in AWE!!! I can't believe that your daily paintings are just as good as your other work! How on earth...? I LOVE the pug!! My heart melted when I saw it... And i can't believe that you haven't heard of the AHA show - I was sure I told you about that a long time ago, but then I think it was too near the time that Tim had passed, so I don't imagine you were taking much in at the time. Seriously Susanne, you are the best Artist I have come across in Blog World. I only wish I had enough time to take part in this crazy challenge! :0)

  9. OMG, she's really doing it! Go, Gunkie, go!!!!!


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