Thursday, January 22, 2009


oil on canvas

This adorable little girl is a commission that I'm presently working on. There's still much to do but I decided to post it today and then again when it's completely ready to go to the client just to see if I did indeed improve the piece.

This is the second child I've done in recent years. I'd forgotten how difficult they can be. There are really no hard and fast planes or shapes to hold on to, so in the beginning she closely resembled a lil' old lady with no teeth. At this age their little noses are just cute round buttons on a rather large egg, but they do have distinctive features that make them look like who they are. And this little one has an abundance of personality and character in her adorable little face.


  1. Beautiful. You are a woman of many talents! It is difficult to have the chops to do all manner of subjects.

  2. Beautiful, Suzanne. I really admire your ability for flesh tones, makes me want to pinch them!!. Great job!


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