Monday, January 5, 2009


oil on canvas

Himself is home until Wednesday, so painting time is limited. I'm still on high-appreciation alert so the canvas has to wait. It's been hectic what with accident reports, trips for tests etc. Looking forward to establishing patterns again. The holidays always trip me up and laziness sets in.

I wanted to post a self-portrait for DP tomorrow, but just haven't had the time to get 'er done. This is a portrait from a few years back. They had the cutest names, but I just don't remember them right now. Hopefully a new piece for Wednesday. I'm still in holiday head. We'll see.


  1. HI; Just ran across your blog and love your animal portraits! I don't paint many animals and always admire someone who can paint realistic fur. Great job!
    The Figurative Realm of Mary Bullock

  2. Yeah, AWESOME job on the fur!! I know how hard it is, as I have a cat who looks just like one of these. NICE!!! Get out of "holiday head," so you can start making more wonderful paintings!!

  3. It has been great to see your past portrait work. These wo are so lovely......I have two boys of my own.
    I am sputtering a bit myself with the getting past the holidays.
    Get back in there, my friend. The easel calls.

  4. Gorgeous!! yes, the holidays put a dent in my painting time (practically nil for a few weeks- that is torture!).

  5. Suzanne,
    This is sooooo cute. Well done.
    C'mon, get some masonite and dash off a self portrait. Join the fun tomorrow!

  6. Love these cats, warm and fuzzy. The animal paintings, especially nice. I want to curl up with them and take a nap.

  7. Wow, what a captivating painting! I love the patterns of the fur and couch, and that gesture of closeness these darlings share. It's a winner!


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