Tuesday, January 13, 2009


oil on linen

I'm having one of those days. No matter what I do with this painting it still looks like poop. The voice is screaming "failure!", my head hurts, it's cloudy and it's probably raining somewhere, whatever that means. Anyway, I'm letting it go with love before it goes through the window and me along with it.

Did you ever have an image in your head of what a piece would turn out to look like? I was beyond pumped about these little shoes and how I wanted them to look. Maybe I'll try them on canvas and see what happens. Problem is, once you create a puddle or a mess on board, there is no covering it. Each stroke must be deliberate and correct or you end up with this. Oh well.

Tomorrow will be better. Also, I must keep in mind, I could be suffering from a "cute" painting overdose. Bought more toys yesterday. Perhaps I'll give them a rest for a bit.


  1. I think that this piece is marvelous! I do know, however, that since we do usually have an idea of how we would like a piece to turn out, that's little consolation to an artist when it doesn't turn out the way we envisioned. I'm happy with very few of my finishes...but I believe that's because I "know" what was intended from the beginning on most of them. Maybe we shouldn't be so hard on ourselves...for that very reason. The audience can't read our minds to know if we failed our vision.

  2. Oh, Suzanne, this is a great painting. Beautifully executed. And hey, this is how we learn from our painting...by doing. I 'll bet if you paint it again in a few weeks it wil be totally different and still beautiful. This is the magic of painting. It does have a mind of its own, which is a good thing.


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