Wednesday, January 7, 2009


oil on linen

Ok, so, if one lets the layers dry, the linen really is fun to work on! Patience isn't one of my strong suits or weak suits, or even slacks and a blouse. I hate to wait. But, I see now, I must. This could use still one more layer, but, guess what? I'm impatient. And, I promise, this is the last discussion regarding this issue. I think.

Out Christmas shopping a few weeks back, I headed toward the checkout counter in one of my favorite book stores, and there, in a clever little display, nestled these incredibly cute, brightly colored little wind-up toys. I've been searching for just the right toys to paint and there they were! My shopping mood suddenly brightened. These were just what I was looking for! A bit steep at $5 a hit, but, where art is concerned, cost is not an issue.

Can't wait to get going on the others.


  1. Ahhh...Borders! I saw those!
    This a a cool subject coupled with great go, girl.
    (I am glad someone had a good painting day....)


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