Friday, January 9, 2009


oil on linen

I'm going back to the bookstore. I need more toys. I only have one more to go and it's my favorite, although who can dislike a Lady Bug! I loved them as a child. I never did like the creepy crawlers and dispatched quite a few in my time, but I always took great care not to harm a Lady Bug. Apologies to bug lovers everywhere. I'm completely reformed and now tote the little suckers outside, gently cradled in a napkin. Except big spiders. Himself takes care of those.

Digressing again. I can't post without mentioning my struggle with linen can I? Today, I loved it. Enough said. As long as the layers are dry, it's no problem at all. Um...duh!

1 comment:

  1. Oh, the colors! I love the way you have handled the feet, especially...the luminous metallic look must have been hard to pull off, but you sure did it!


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