Monday, December 7, 2009


graphite on paper

I had a cat once. I was in my twenties and living in my very first apartment. Her name would reveal a lot more than I think necessary about myself, so, suffice it to say she was a tad erratic but at the same time very, very mellow. She didn't like all. She was fiercely loyal and completely a one person feline. She loved to play fetch with the little plastic top that adorned her open can of cat food for hours. She delighted in allowing me to hold her like an infant while she nursed on my finger and would even pull it back to her mouth with her paws when I pulled it away. Strange cat. And, in her defense, I guess the argument could be made that she had a strange owner.

I had a party once, soon after I'd discovered the delightful euphoria one experienced from downing a few shots of tequila. I decided I wanted to duplicate that feeling and proceeded to dig deeply into a bottle of Jose...far too deeply. Euphoria quickly turned to nausea, and while I was in the process of being violently ill for an extended period of time, she took up residence at the door of the loo and literally growled at anyone wanting to check on my progress.

Her growl was formidable. She would attack if provoked. But her hiss, now there was something very special. She'd eye her intended prey for a minute or two, bring her lean body into itself, hunch her shoulders, draw in a breath, straighten up, hesitate and then... hissssssss. I always thought she looked alarmingly like Bette Davis in Jezabelle. Lots of shoulders, very 40's film femme fatale. Classic.

11" x 14" (28.0cm x 35.6cm)
graphite on paper
$75 plus $12.95 shipping and handling in the US
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  1. Great drawing, Suz, and a fun story. You paint a picture with words almost as well as you do with a brush. I wish I could have met your "name should not be mentioned" guard cat. She sounds like a lot of fun. -Don

  2. Very nice drawing and story. Really expressive, both story and drawing.

  3. great story Suzanne and what a great expresive drawing. You have done it again.

  4. Great drawing, as usual.
    All cats are strange in their own individual ways. And how I love them!

  5. Lovely story Suzanne, I love the line "violently ill for an extended period of time" reminds me of my student dsys! Great that you had such a loyal cat though, I have just looked after my brothers house and two cats for the last fortnight and I got the feeling they were just happy they were being fed!
    Great drawing as expressive as your story)

  6. LOL reading your first sentence while looking at the drawing. It says it all! I have 3 cats and they get that same look at least once a day.
    Love the intense expression and your work is excellent!

  7. Cute story, Suzanne!

    Clearly you channeled some of your kitty's fierceness into this latest "expressions" piece.




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