Tuesday, December 8, 2009

LULU, Again

oil on canvas

I posted this yesterday and had to delete it. There was a surprise factor involved I wasn't sure about. So here again is that post.

This is the adorable pup that will be featured on Fox TV’s Good Day New York on Wednesday, December 9th at 9:20am EST. It was a timely and well needed opportunity that forced me out of my funk and into focused painting mode. A real tight deadline, I actually began painting on Thursday last. Without artist Linda Apple’s suggestion that I try Liquin I would have been in it up to my knees. Still can’t believe it never occurred to me to research a speed-drying medium. Oh well.


  1. Congrats on your work getting the national exposure! This is a lovely piece and makes me smile. You rock!

  2. I saw this go by the Blogger: Dashboard yesterday and was disappointed when it was gone before I could check it out. Well, it was definitely worth the wait. Your use of color and your brush work are second to none in my opinion. Congrats on the commission and its possibilities. Well deserved! -Don

  3. Congrats on the coming "fame & fortune." You sure captured that personality - what a character.

  4. Lulu's portrait is irresistable, and it will surely direct some attention your way Suzanne over the TV exposure. Congrats!

  5. what a sweetheart, I love the way you have portrayed her another brilliant painting!

  6. Lulu is adorable & it was so fun to see the painting on TV this morning! Way to go! :-) Elizabeth

  7. I wondered when wed see Lulu! This is just stunning Suzanne, what a lovely dog:)

  8. This is beautifully painted and her personality seems to shine through.

  9. Diana MB, thank you so much! talk about something getting me out of the pity pot and back to work! i really appreciate your words, thanks so much.

    Don, you are too kind my friend! thank you so very much, i will treasure your words and appreciate them so much!

    Leslie, many thanks. we'll see! it's very exciting.

    Mona, thank you! i hope so.

    Diana M, thank you so much, i really appreciate it.

    Elizabeth, thank you so much! it was quite a hoot seeing it there after being on the easel.

    Sam, thank you! I'm very grateful for such a wonderful compliment.

    Nancy, thank you very much!

  10. Suzanne!

    This is quite impressive!

    I LOVE the bird's-eye-view we're seeing of Lulu. Very unique!

    Fantastic rendering too!

    So darn cute!!!



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