Tuesday, December 15, 2009


9.5 x 7.5"
oil on board

I was going to forgo the usual "I cannot believe how quickly the time is passing," but... too late! I feel like I just posted the last challenge painting! This is so good for me on so many levels. If I work on a somewhat daily basis, the fear portion of the program begins to diminish. No so much hemming and hawing, just sit down at the easel and have at it. Not enough time to procrastinate. This is a good thing.

The Challenge this month is hot and cold or fire and ice. I had the idea to position an ice cube near a candle but no go. I used a black board for the background and the cube just disappeared into the darkness. So I put several cubes in a wine glass and snapped away. I liked the shots but they looked really slick, like a product shot. Plus, the cubes were all warm and glowing hot. No fire and ice, just fire. Enter Photoshop. I played with the color balance bringing in more blue and cyan and ended up with some wonderful mauves, limes, olives, pinks and white hots. I think the finished piece is a tad too cool, but I'm happy with it. Who said that?

We all had very different concepts and that's what makes it exciting! I love what everyone did and am again very grateful for being included.

I inadvertently deleted the other participant work when I tried to delete the PayPal button. Ooops! I'll put them back in a bit, sorry Challenge members.


  1. Suz, I LOVE your color choices on this. I consider Photoshop an artist's best friend. Look at all the experimenting you did to get the results you wanted and you didn't waste any canvas, or paper, or paint. Spec-effing-tacular!!! -Don

  2. I love how you handled the ice and glass; gives me a feeling of mystery. Interesting how others interpreted the subject so differently. Paint on!

  3. just gorgeous! The colors in the ice really draw me in. also LOVE your pug paintings.

  4. I love the elegance you achieved with the lighting and technique on your painting, Suzanne... so BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Don, thank you! Is using photoshop cheating? i have mixed feelings. that said, it's saved many a reference shot from the trash bin. thank you again.

    Ariel, thank you so much! It was fun to do. I love to see how differently the group interprets the theme each month too.

    Tracey, thank you!

    Elizabeth, thank you very much! I really appreciate your kind words.

    Diana, thank you! I loved your take on the theme as well, very cute.

  6. This was so ambitious of you, Suzanne!

    You definitely captured the hot and cold element.

    The ice cubes almost look like a mountainous landscape if you glance at it really quickly.

    Very cool!



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