Sunday, December 13, 2009


oil on canvas

Another Christmas commission. Seem as though... there will be dogs. At least for the next few posts anyway. Can I get an amen for Liquin?

Simply cannot believe this year is coming to an end! It feels as though I just decided to make '09 go slower and all that seemed to do was speed it up.

Another Moses-Botkin Challenge is coming around again. Wow, that was quick! I'm behind, as usual, however it's not due any partying in the pity-pot on my part. I've been working!! Woo-hoo!


  1. One of the best pup dog paintings I've seen this year. Good job.

  2. I love your dog paintings, and you definitely captured Tank's personality. Very expressive.

  3. Work on, sister! Keep these beauties coming! -Don

  4. hehe lovely portrait Suzanne! Glad you are busy))

  5. What a handsome TankDoggy! Holiday hugs to my favorite Daily Painter Pug mom....

  6. Suzanne, I agree with all of the above. Well done!

  7. What a GREAT face! Your sure to get more commissions with the beautiful portraits you do. And's an Amen for Liquin. Don't ya love it???

  8. David, THANK YOU! Your words are very much appreciated!

    Mary Ann, thanks so much! What a face to work on, so incredible. thanks again.

    Don, thanks, I will.

    Sam, thanks so much! My print is stunning, thank you!

    Nancy, Thank you and hugs back! Pugs rock! Happy Holidays to you as well.

    Mark, thank you so much.

    Joan, thank so much.

    Gwen, thanks, I hope so! and Liquin is my new est friend.


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