Monday, June 13, 2011


24" x 20" (61.0cm x 50.8cm)
oil on linen
$450 plus $25.95 shipping and handling in the US
E-mail me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.

It looks like that pug blog is looking more and more like it might become a reality. I can't seem to stop painting my pugs! There's one almost done that I couldn't bear to work on today so I did this instead. I'm carrying my camera everywhere with them. I'm addicted.

Blu is the alpha, Raz the enforcer. If you hand them a little treat Raz comes rushing up so fast he impales his little face on your hand. Blu? He's more like...if you bring it over here I'll give it a sniff and let you know. If sitting down and leaning forward, too far away from him to take up residence on your shoulders and rest his head on yours, he'll climp up, stand on your shoulders and gently paw at your scalp until you sit back and accommodate him. He insists on being let in the shower while you are in there so he can watch the water go down the drain and he and his little bro still nurse under Tim's neck after every meal before they go down for their nap. Amazing.

It seems the reference determines the brush strokes. I went for loose and spontaneous but there so much detail I found myself smoothing with my pinky again. Oh well. I'm pretty pleased anyway.

I have a few commissions, a few donations and a challenge to get done but I've given myself two days out of five to work on what I want to. It's helping. I seem to be getting things done! Of course my challenge painting might be a tad late, but we'll see.


  1. Suzanne, the painting is exquisite, and Blu is adorable! Just take the compliment and run [you do not have to write back]

  2. Oh my gosh Suzanne.. the portrait is magnificent! We could not stop looking.
    And we wanted Blu to give us a kiss..
    You captured his spirit, and soul.... and those eyes ,,, so full of love...
    this is another of your callings....we never get tired of your talent,,, were just always in awe.
    Gosh,, we feel your passion,,, yes we do.
    And your right,,, no need to thank us,,,
    we thank you!

  3. Love your pug portrait!! Sooo cute!

    I think your "Post a Comment" is fantastic. We are all appreciative of comments and it takes a looong time to thank everyone personally. Your idea is perfect! So continue painting!!

  4. Another wonderful portrait and so beautifully painted, love this new looser style, in fact I love all your styles, incredible!

  5. I like how you draw our eyes into his little smashed nose and bright eye through the use of looser strokes and detail gradually becoming more and more defined as we near those items of interest. Personally, I think you're more ready to take that palette knife plunge than you realize...


  6. Wow! Suz, Blu is amazing and so finely painted that I am, as usual with your work, just blown away. I wouldn't be surprised if you get some commissions out of this one!

  7. I'm not surprised you are addicted! They are adorable chappies! And how cute that you share a shower!
    I think he looks so real - His eye really draws me in :0)

  8. This is SO amazingly BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely love it Suzanne. :) Those eyes. And you know I feel the same way about my reference photos, sometimes if I want to paint lose I try to find a blurry one on purpose. :) But your detail is so beautiful, and still painterly. I say don't fight it if it makes you happy. Because you paint it masterfully (is that a word?). And I forgot to tell you in your previous post, that your thanks yous were so much appreciated, but I totally understand. I really suck at sending out the thank yous, so let me just tell you now, Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and friendship! You ROCK!!

  9. "You" are her Baby Blu.
    I love the textures "She" has given "You"...
    That distant far-off gaze-
    Through portal image green.
    Recorded in your vacant eye,
    Somewhere... some place beyond...
    A world... to us... unseen!

    A beautiful... wistful and personal portrait. A clever combination of the "spoken"... and the "unspoken" which is the quality that makes a portrait great!

    Lovely Suzanne!

    Good Painting... and Thank "You"!
    Warmest regards,

  10. raz was excellent ..this is superb suzanne

  11. We had to come back and look again,,, because this portrait is spectacular

  12. The cutest thing ever! You nailed it!

  13. Studio, thank you so much for such a wonderful compliment!

    Tweedles, thank you so very, very much! coming from you these wonderful words mean so much. Thank you and your mommies, i'm so lucky to have friends like you.

    linda, thank you both for the comments on the painting and understanding my "thank-you" dilemma. i so appreciate it.

    Diana, thank you so much, i so appreciate it. I'm excited to explore the new style further.

    Don, your comment is so flattering as it wasn't at all intentional! how cool that the eye does what the conscious mind cannot! thank you!! i'm workin up on that palette knife..someday!

    Autumn,thank you so much! i so hope so!

    Sandra, thank you so much!

    Crystal, thank you so much for your comments. isn't it strange? i also use out of focus snaps when i want to paint loosely! the reference just takes over. your words are so kind, thank you so much. and thank you for all of your words of encouragement and friendship. YOU rock!

    Bruce, simply lovely words as always, thank you so very much!

    JeanneG, thank you so much!

    Jane, thank you so much, i so appreciate it!

    Tweedles, thank you so much for the second visit!

    Violetta, thank you so much!

    Mermaid, you are so kind, thank you!


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