Wednesday, June 8, 2011


36x12" oil on canvas


A contrarian. The dictionary defines this person as someone who takes an opposing view, especially one who rejects the majority opinion. I am, in point of fact, married to a contrarian, which makes life, as one might imagine, quite interesting. It works out really well actually. I'm your basic cosmic muffin, he's completely grounded. He keeps me from floating off into space and I've loosened his stranglehold on reality. Am I repeating myself? Anyway, once I got past the need to be right all the time, I found our discussions quite illuminating and I've come to the conclusion that if there isn't one in every crowd, there should be.


  1. I love the bold color and graphic quality of this Suzanne...the title is perfect too!

  2. Well, Cosmic Muffin, it's a great painting!

  3. how beautiful
    you are amazing

  4. I disagree.... Just kidding, although I can relate entirely.

    Once again you have provided us with a tasty treat. I don't know how you do it, but you make bugs look DELICIOUS.


  5. Hi there Suzanne!... Love this one... and it seems that "We" are sharing the same "band width" in the Universe!

    The Lady Bug is Deb's alter ego... and I gift "Her" often with small surprises I discover along my path which are Lady Bug-driven! I had a special shelf built for "Her" to display her... dare I use the word...collection"??? HAHA!!!

    Your usually witty inclusion of humour fits well too! "She" indeed is "one in the crowd"... and really does ground "Me"!

    Thank "You" for sharing!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  6. What gorgeous little ladies indeed!! I love your description of yourself as a cosmic muffin. LOLOL Sometimes I'm a contrarian myself, though a quiet one.

  7. I love the simplicity of your color palette on this one, Suzanne...makes for a graphic piece. And as always, your unique and much appreciated sense of humor shines through!

  8. You sure can turn a phrase ; ) I love the "cosmic muffin".. ; ) Another stunning piece (do you do any other kind?!) Cheers!

  9. Love it, once again you crack me up—cosmic muffin. Congrats on the sell.
    If you ever run out of bugs, I have some cicadas I can send you. :) You will need earplugs to paint them.

  10. Love the painting with those delighful insects and love your delightful commentary!

  11. Ladybugs done up in beautiful Chinese red lacquer... sophisticated ladybugs who could have imagined!

  12. This is sure the way I feel today. Love these little bugs.

  13. hmmm. looks like it could be a little suz or victoria there...

  14. It's a very funny picture.

    The contrast of the colors are amazing. I love ...!

    Greetings Suzanne

  15. Okay this is up there in my top favorites of yours. That shiny red is amazing and I love, love, love the story that goes along. I too am married to a bit of a contrarian. Makes for some great debates:) It's a perfect balance, and I agree there should be "one in every crowd".

  16. dana, thanks so much! your comments are very much appreciated!

    bonnie, thank you!

    studio, thanks so much! best, the muffin!

    tweedles, you are amazing! thank you so much!

    don, very funny as always! thank you so very much for your wonderful words!

    bruce, how cool is that? and what a wonderful alter ego Deb has! and thank you so much for your very kind comments!

    autumn, thank you!

    brenda, thank you so much, you are so kind to say so! much appreciated.

    kim, thank you very much!!

    carol, thank you so much! i would love to paint a cicada! make sure to poke tiny holes in the box before shipping! :0)

    susan, thank you, i so appreciate your comments!

    shirley, thank you!!

    angela, me too and thank you so much!

    vicki, little suz says hi to victoria! and thanks so much!

    skizo, thank you!!

    montse, thank you so much, i so appreciate it.

    carrie, thank you! i really appreciate it. the bugs are so much fun to work on, i'm so glad you like them. isn't being married to a contrarian quite the learning experience?


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