Thursday, June 2, 2011



Here's Raz, aka Razoo-Dazzoo, as he cops a few Z's on the couch sometime during the holiday weekend. We set up a speaker cabinet in front of the screen door so the boys could rail at passersby to their hearts content without going through the screen while we jammed. They ran themselves ragged running back and forth from the front to the back door, thinking that anyone who walked, biked, ran or drove out of their view would inevitably end up in our back yard. Adorable. However it was nice when their batteries ran down and they needed a rest.

Clearly the Moses Botkin Challenge this month has had an effect on moi. Growth spurt!! Stayin' in the lines is so much fun, however this new brush stroke freedom thing is quite exciting! I believe, more than anything thus far in my born again art career, the challenge group has forced me to grow...kicking and screaming all the way...but grow nonetheless.

Plus, I spend so much time watching these two little monkeys interact, seeing the shapes of their heads, their folds and wrinkles, and beauty marks, not to mention the near constant hi-jinks, why not take advantage of them? Clearly, I'm standing on the shoulders of giants here...see the Eyes of enjoy the most incredibly poetic pug ever...but I was thinking of incorporating little pug anecdotes, pug drawings and pug paintings into another blog. We'll see, it might be fun.

My apologies for the late thank yous that are on their way to everyone for the wonderful comments you were all kind enough to leave for "Now What?" A short vaycay, finally moving the studio to the den along with the boys, their little playpen and insane collection of toys has taken it's toll. I was so anxious to begin anew in my new space I just dove in today. Thank you for your patience and please don't think me rude. What fun would it be if no one saw my work? Gak!


  1. This image is very tender, very affectionate.

    Greetings from Bilbao.

  2. He's gorgeous, Suzanne! Well-done.

  3. Awwwww, he is just beautiful with all his little folds sleeping after a very busy day... I like the results of your challenge and look forward to more.

    You are not ever rude, mon amie, as it is a challenge to keep up constantly with comments.


  4. Perfect title for a beautiful painting! Those little hummers keep you busy, don't they?!

  5. The portrait of Raz is beyond splendorious!
    You have captured the most peaceful feeling that can be obtained.
    We were just looking again at your past paintings,, and my moms cannot believe your creations.
    My moms and me say,,, "your magic".. you capture what others cannot.
    Thank you sweet Suz,,, for the "mention" of my name,.. you surprised me!
    And you should persue your idea of incorporating little pug anecdotes, drawings and pug paintings into another blog!
    It would be so fun,, and do you know how many people you would make their heart smile?? MANY!!
    This is so beautiful

  6. I completely understand how difficult it is to get anything done when you have this kind of preciousness at your feet, I have my own little Cowgirl that keeps me from painting, too. Absolutely love this painting; it is perfect!!

  7. Gosh, Suz. You don't have to send thank you's out for comments made. People comment because they love your work, me included! I appreciate that you make such a herculean effort but it really isn't expected. I like reading your thoughts, getting your sense of humor, and especially your art. And to that end, this little gorgeous wrinkly Raz is beautiful!

  8. Hi Suz ~ love the raw toned canvas background against the whites in this, it really sings! I can tell it's your dog too because of how connective and intimate the painting feels.

  9. This is awesome Suzanne. Our grand pug is moving to CA in September, and will be gone for most of the summer. I am sad already!!! Woe is me....
    They are so cute when they sleep, even when they are noisy. None of us are ever offended by the nasal disturbances. You captured the breed well here. (I have to paint a picture of Ollie this summer for one of the wedding/going away presents)

  10. Gotta love the little puggy and your paint quality/brushwork has a lovely fresh feeling. I also like the bits of paper showing through, nice!!

  11. "He Sleeps" is perfect in every way Suzanne! Your brushwork is exquisite and I love how he sleeps quietly in a sea of 'unfinished'!

  12. He is so perfect:) Love this painting! The brush work is absolutely perfect. You continue to amaze me, just love every painting you post.

  13. cute little guy!Very nicely done, Suzanne.I like the way you rendered the Background.

  14. I think painting loosely and leaving the background raw works so well, whatever style you paint in you have the talent to pull it off perfectly, that's an art in itself! Beautiful painting.

  15. Hi Suzanne,

    Wonderful painting of your adorable little pug all tuckered out. I like your rendering of the loose background of the sofa, he looks so comfy.
    Also, thank you for your advice on my blog problems. I am back in business.


  16. He is absolutely ADORABLE!
    I love the energetic marks you have used. Just amazing :0)

  17. Great dog can feel the love. I like that the background fades out--very nice!

  18. Lovely painting Suzanne, and these dogs are so cute)

  19. Thank you all so very much, I appreciate your comments more than words can express! I thought I might try thanking everyone for stopping by on my blog. So here goes..

    Montse, thank you so much. I'm thrilled that my obsessive love for raz showed on the painting!

    Monica, thank you!
    Cathyann, thanks so much! The new brush stokes are helping to loosen me up so much and it is great therapy.

    Genie, thank you so much, i'm so glad. and thank yo for understanding.

    Studio, thanks! and yes they are quite the handful but so adorable i don't mind anymore!

    Tweedles! thank you so much! your comments and blessing are wonderful! i love your blog and appreciate your support so much. please thank your mommies for their kind comments! Wow!

    Angela, thank you so much! I really appreciate your comments.

    Autumn, thanks so much for saying that! i appreciate everyone stopping by so much, but i need to figure out a better way to show my gratitude. i think doing it this was is a good idea. thanks so much for your comments and understanding.

    Mona, thank you for your wonderful comments. it means so much when the love translates through the painting! much appreciated.

    Mary Anne, thank you so much! i'm so pugged! you must get one of your own now! it's amazing how every sound they make becomes so incredibly cut..even the snot showers! and please, do paint ollie, what a wonderful gift.

    Diane, thanks so much. I was happy with the way it turned out and hope to try more soon. i think the toned canvas helps me to attempt a more casual approach.

    Dana, thank you so very much! what wonderful comments! much appreciated.

    True, thank you! so do i! nothin like 'em!

    Carrie, thank you so much! i had fun just throwin the paint on there, i'm so glad you like it! your words as always mean so much.

    Arti, thank you so much!

    Diana, thank you! i so appreciate your comments.

    Sue, thank you very much! we were very happy they tired themselves out. i'm so glad you're blog problems worked out!

    Sandra, thank you!!

    Stephanie, i so appreciate your comments!

    Sam, thanks so much!


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