Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Drunk on the Train to Chicago by Julie Beck

Seriously, I am astounded that other artists like my work enough to feature it on their blogs. You know the feeling, the grass is always greener or in this case maybe the paint is always arranged better. When I'm low on creative fuel, I pull up to the computer and visit other artist blogs to fill up on pure, clean inspiration. There's a folder I keep on my desktop called Inspiration, oddly enough, and it's chock full of art that I've pinched from various websites. I look at what's inside almost every morning just to get the creative juices flowing...and it always seems to work, even in severe drought conditions. There are several Julie Beck's there. You see where I'm going with this I'm sure, so I'll dispense with the "aw shucks, who me?" stuff and just say thank you, Julie Beck, this feels very, very, very good!

Julie has an "I Heart..." series on her blog:, and the June 6th post she "hearted" moi!! I'm bowled over, completely! Bowled over and so grateful! Julie's work is right up my palette. Poor analogy, sorry, it's early, but I've visited her site almost every day since I first discovered it. Her work is incredible as you can see from the example above. I love the attention she pays to the atmosphere surrounding her work, I love the subject matter she chooses, her style of painting and even the design of her blog. Her name in script in that very tasteful soft wedge wood blue just makes me happy. And the fact that she liked my work enough to "heart" it has made me downright giddy!

Please visit her site, you'll be glad you did! And Julie, thank you from the bottom of my paint covered, insecure little heart! Your generosity is as boundless as your gift.


  1. What you wrote about Julie was really lovely. I also have sites I visit for inspiration. And I will visit Julie's site. Wonderful post, Suzanne!

  2. Another great post, Suz!! I just visited Julie's site and she really is awesome.

  3. Great work!

  4. I shall skip immediately over to Julie's Blog to have a look as I trust your judgement!

  5. I've been a big fan of your for a long time. Keep the inspiration coming!

  6. Your words display the gratitude you feel in your heart,,,
    what you said,,, you said so well

    and you our friend,,, inspire us

  7. Heehee, I have the same folder called "inspiration" in my files too, Suzanne! It's a must have when you start feeling bored... (:

  8. studio, thank you so much for your very kind words. isn't julie's work amazing?

    linda, thank you so much! glad you got to see julie's work, i love it!

    hfm, thank you!

    karen, i'm flattered and i'm sure you enjoyed julie's work as much as i do.

    julie, thank you so much again and again.

    thank you kind and wonderful tweedles! you inspire me always to be kind, loving and helpful! you are my friend and the boys send their love.

    diane, so true isn't it? nothing gets me off my duff better!


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