Tuesday, June 7, 2011



"Lost in the Sixties" by Bruce Sherman

About a week ago, I was joyfully surprised by a comment that pointed me in the direction of Bruce's blog: http://awbrucesherman.blogspot.com/, explaining that he had mentioned my work, specifically "The Camera," in his post! What I read there damn near bowled me over! Bruce explained, in some extremely flattering prose, how that painting had inspired his, which is featured here. After seeing this painting, I explained to Bruce, his finished product is what I had been aiming for! The soft, loose brushstrokes combined with the laid back attitude of the musician and the beautiful treatment of light and shadow make this one of my very favorites of his.

I am extremely grateful to Bruce, not only for his beautifully written and thought provoking posts and his incredible paintings, but for his very kind and generous mention of my work on his blog. I cannot express my appreciation in words that I feel explain how much his kind reference means. And learning that a painting I did inspired another artist to create is a very humbling experience, especially for me as I'm sure frequent visitors are familiar with and most likely a tad tired of my notorious insecurity. Please take trip over to see Bruce, his incredible work and meaningful posts, you will leave with a smile in your heart.

Thank you again Bruce, you are a kind, gentle, generous, and extremely gifted artist!


  1. I love this post Suzanne. You are just an awesome person. :) And Bruce is too.

  2. Hi there Suzanne!... What a great compliment it is to be featured in your current post!

    Your words... on line friendship and inspiration through your own vast skill base...generosity of spirit and humility make these complimenst so very much more uplifting and taken-to-heart! I so look forward to our sharings and "conversations"!

    Sharing ideas... feelings... and process are simple gifts that "We" all can offer to the world of artists who share the blogging community with us!

    Thank "You" ever so much for this gift! It means a great deal to "Me"!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  3. Bruce is amazing, isn't he, Suz? I love visiting his blog. His talents are never-ending, his gift for love beyond the pail. He means much to me as a friend, even though I've only "known" him for a relatively short period through blogging. I personally love his maple pieces.

  4. Wow - It is brilliant isn't it? I will visit shortly :0)
    As for you inspiring people? Well, you inspire me all of the time! And I have no doubt you inspire many more!

  5. this painting is very beautiful! I enjoy your work! Susanna

  6. The painting is truly beautiful.
    It is such a gift when we touch each other with words,, that are so sincere..
    that is how you are,,, sincere.
    i have been a little lost because my mama had surgery,, but she is better now,,,, so I came to visit you,, becauser I always feel touched when i visit you

  7. crystal, you are so kind to say so, thank you! and i so agree, bruce is amazing.

    bruce, your words, so lovely in form and so treasured in content. thank you so much! to think that my painting inspired you is such a gift.

    autumn,isn't bruce amazing! his posts and his paintings are incredible.

    sandra,thank you so much! i'm very grateful and thrilled because everyone's work inspires me so much!

    cathyann, so true and so well said! thank you so much.

    trade, thank you so much!

    tweedles, thank you so much, I hope your mama is feeling better.


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