Wednesday, June 15, 2011


10x10" oil on linen

This month's challenge was a self portrait. What can one say? I claim occupational disorientation. You know how the carpenter's home is sometimes unfinished and chaotic? The hair stylist's hair occasionally unkempt and unattractive? Well this one's about the artist that can't paint herself!

A few unpleasant situations came to mind as I toiled away on this just now. Root canal. Waiting rooms. I would gladly endure either one of these insults at any time, than to have to paint a self portrait. Not a fan of the self portrait. Never have been.

You can imagine the state of little suz. Off somewhere sulking I'm sure. She's threatening never to speak to me again if I post this! Right! If it were only that easy. I was going to paint the "towel over the head with the glasses on" gag, but thought better of it as this is a serious group and the challenges are meant to...well...challenge, but this! This was not at all fun.

With a new set of luggage taking up residence under my eyes each morning, furrows and lines staying put long after my smile fades and the occasional single strand of hair turning up in the oddest of places, this is the last thing I wanted to do. Hmmm...vain much Suzanne?

Actually....Yes! But contrary to popular family opinion...I am a willow. I can bend.


10x10” oil on linen board
© 2011 Robin Cheers

“Lady in Red aka Me at 60”
8x8” oil on hardboard
©Sharman Owings

“Morning Light”
10x8”  oil on canvas
© Ruth Andre


  1. Suz, you have the most gorgeous smile and awesome cheekbones. I think this is beautiful!

  2. "Suzanne" ... is a song portrait... an anthem for Leonard Cohen fans!

    This "portrait reminded "me" of "the man"... his song... and of his humility...remarkable powers of observation... sensuality...lyrical imagery that required only only a few deft "strokes." A musical harmony that housed the lyrics beautifully... and soulfully.

    It was an easy transition foe "Me" to make to see "You"... as I see and admire Cohen... both humble.. yet brilliant. Both real!

    A lovely "take" on the Challenge Suzanne! As always in your work... "You" leave things for the viewer to figure out and fill in!That's "Good" ART!

    Good painting!
    Warmest regards,

  3. LOVE IT!!! Speaks volumes, and you are lovely beyond compare. As I've always been sure of.

  4. I'm with you, I would not be a happy person painting my self portrait. Do all artists HAVE to do one as some kind of initiation? You did well!!
    Love your pug painting, my Ollie is gone and I miss his fish breath on me in the morning. It is what I woke up to every day. He is in Baltimore with his "other" grandparents. Then will be with me for a few weeks at the end of the summer for my son and d in law's wedding. Then off to explore the west! I miss him and starting to go nuts when I see a pug on the street. I think there is something eerie about their spell. Maybe they are all from Men in Black!!

  5. We loved your self portrait a lot!
    Its happy,,, and we can feel your spirit,,,
    And we liked the others that you shared too!

  6. I laughed all the way through this post - You really made me chuckle! I love the way that you have pulled the hat down - Seeing just the lower part of your face does somehow make it even more interesting because it makes me want to reach in and pull it up to see your eyes - Very clever idea!
    All of these paintings are just awesomely brilliant!!! :0D

  7. I love the way you avoided painting the "luggage" under the eyes. And your unique take on the self-portrait really makes me smile because YOUR smile in the painting is very contagious.

  8. Your self portrait is great i think. I also want to mention that i really love your profile picture, i think it really express your spirit.. :)

  9. You are something! I love this (along with absolutely everything else you paint).

  10. So very cool...just as I imagine you!


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