Friday, August 12, 2011



16x16" each  oil on cradled hardboard

The little creepy crawlers are completed!

Still no word on the condition of my Mac. I miss it. Funny how attached we've become to these electronic devices. Ever think of how lost we'd be without electricity?

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!


  1. My gosh! They're amazing...I'm in awe! How did you get that translucent green? Wow:)

  2. Felix is fantastic!! Alvin looks much less creepy flanked by his winged friends. The iridescent parts of Felix are beyond amazing. This is an entomologists dream:) You have mastered painting bugs they are just exceptional!!!

  3. Oh my Suzanne, your bugs rock...and scare me just a little!

  4. These really are wonderful. As somebody who likes bugs lots, I'm still curious about who buys paintings of insects, and where they plan to hang them.

  5. I am buggy over your bugs! Suzanne... you rock.

  6. Suz... I'm WAY behind in my blogging and just got finished reading your last 5 posts. Wow, you've been rockin' the artwork, my friend! Who knew bugs could be so beautiful? Congrats on the commission and kudos on the finished works of art.

    As for your Mac I offer one hyphenated word, BACK-UP. I know, you mentioned it in one of your posts, but one can never reiterate it enough. I went through a similar harrowing experience a couple years ago and I now have a 'Time Machine Backup' going in the background all the time. It's fairly inexpensive and quite easy to install. Plug-and-Play and rest easy...


  7. Eww, eek, splat! In that order too! Still, you've done these guys so beautifully, Suz. Awesome work!

  8. GORGEOUS! That is all. Oh, and I have to say that the bee looks positively cuddly next to the other two. :)

  9. These little guys are gorgeous! You show their true beauty; bugs don't have to seem "icky." As for your Mac I know how it is! My Mac hard drive died last spring - Mac was only three years old. Fortunately I have the Time Machine backup (as mentioned by -Don) and a new $250 hard drive was installed and all my info uploaded from my Time Machine. I got my computer back in two days. I also just got a battery backup to plug the computer into as we get a LOT of power outages up here and, apparently, that was why my hard drive died so young - the battery back up should lengthen the life of my new hard drive (I hope). Any way,
    DO invest in the Time Capsule (that is the hardware that connects to the Time Machine, which should already be part of your Mac). I had to hire help getting the Time Machine to recognize the Time Capsule but, again, it was worth getting the professional expertise to be up and running.

  10. I never knew bugs could be so beautiful!
    These are amazing.. they look like they are right here!

  11. I always enjoy visits to your blog, and your viewpoint always draws me in. Beautifully done and facinating.

  12. Oh my gosh - that fly is amazing!!! And they all look so great together! They'd look fantastic on the wall of some sort of Botanical or nature museum :0)

  13. I never thought I could like a fly but Felix is sooo lovely.
    If I were a halfway good photographer, I would take and send you a photo of these amazing ants now around our house. They are fuzzy and have these bright red, broad (in terms of ant-size) stripes on their little bodies.
    They probably do something I'd rather not know about but they are beautiful and you could make them more so.
    Happy for you on the computer info save.


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