Monday, August 29, 2011




I posted this originally last night, but took it down because it became apparent that Irene was not quite through with us and I didn't want to have to amend the post with what could be more extensive damage before and after shots. Am I superstitious? Let's just say, I'm a little 'stitious.

After the rain and darkness passed, the wind persisted until much later in the evening. Clearly, my before and after shots pale in comparison to the endless photos of devastation in the media. We were very, very fortunate, however, sadly a lot of people weren't.

My shots are really to illustrate how little damage was done by the storm! We had power throughout and lost only large branches that only knocked a few slats out of our fence. The wind was vicious and loud and seemed like it would never end. The tornado watches were very unnerving, but not keeping vigilant and current with what was happening would have been a mistake.  Still the dire warnings and incoming video and reports were very frightening.

We are so grateful and thank you all so much for your good wishes.


  1. Well I am SO glad that your home is still standing! Phew!! We have seen a lot on the hurricane on the UK news. It looks terrifying! I'm very glad that you, himself and the pugs are all fine :0)

  2. Living in a hurricane infested area, I am glad that you had minimal damage and hope that all of the areas can move quickly to recovery and normal life.

    I am glad that you made that crab-offering to Irene yesterday... may have saved you!


  3. So glad ya'll escaped with only minor damage!!! Thoughts and prayers were with you and all of east coast!

  4. Phew! Looks like you came through pretty good. :) That's so good! I never watch the news, which is probably not such a good thing, but I hate hearing all the doom and gloom! Glad you are all ok.

  5. We are thankful that everything turned out okay for you,,,, now go to sleep Irene!

  6. Glad you're ok. Looks like you have a bit of year work to do though...

  7. Glad you fared out well. For us it looked like the trees barfed leaves all over the yard. I live in the woods and I think it helped protect us. The treetops were swaying like crazy, but the wind wasn't hitting the ground. The leaves and twigs fell and just stayed put in their place. It was very strange... Glad it's over and I agree the scare was perhaps worse than the actual storm.

  8. Hi there Suzanne!... Glad that "You" and "Yours"... are freakin' all right and had little damage compared to other less fortunates! A bleesing!

    Now you can get freakin' creative again! Can't wait to see the freakin' results! HAHA!!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  9. Glad you are OK and that it didn't do too much damage...reminds me of when we have 'straightline' winds here. Had a tornado a few years back, it was like a has taken years for some of the leaves to come back to that west side of the trees. Hopefully Irene is just a memory to you now. That kind of weather always jars the spirit a little.

  10. Must have been a frightening experience, thankfully you are all Ok, it's hard to imagine here in tranquil ol Ireland.

  11. So glad you are safe! I can empathize with your ordeal. We live an hour away from Tuscaloosa, AL that was devastated last year by a Tornado. We've lived all over and experienced a lot of crazy weather. So happy that you had little damage.

  12. Glad its all over and you're safe!! I'm only 60ft from the water and thank God I had minimal damage ..with very little flooding. My two daughters lost trees and a car (when the tree fell on it)


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