Friday, August 5, 2011


16X16" oil on cradled hardboard

Happily a collector requested a trio of bugs and this is the first one I've completed...a very furry and somewhat jolly bumble bee! An ant and a fly to follow, just putting some finishing touches on them. I so enjoy doing these as I've said, however this is the first time I've painted them on the smooth velvety surface of hardboard and I think the little critters have found a new home! What a perfect surface for bugs to crawl on, I'm very happy.

That said, I'm sitting by anxiously as my iMac is in the intensive care unit right now and I'm beside myself. Did I back up anything? No. Is everything I need to function on the hard drive? Yes. Am I a putz of the highest order? Absolutely. Good thing my old mac is working so at least I can post this.

I'm hoping our "magic mac dude" Jon can retrieve all of my work, which includes every single photo I've ever taken with my new camera, all of my reference, all of my paintings, my endless folders of inspirational work and so much more. I'm fairly sick about it. Trying to be all zen and cool, it's only stuff, no one's ill, you can rebuild, but it ain't workin worth a damn. All the snaps of the pups from the day they came home up until yesterday morning! I've been sulking all day. We'll see. Hopefully he can save it all. A very difficult lesson learned.

Two words...BACK UP!!!

The really gut busting irony is that the external drive that I planned to back everything up on arrived today in the mail. Bite me!

Anyway, whining again. Apologies. I hope everyone has a great weekend and again, thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Cutest bee ever! Can't wait to see the fly and the ant, too. I chose Bumblebee as my favorite painting today on Rosa's Picks. I hope you'll come by and check it out! Thanks, Rosa

  2. Oh this bee is fabulous and I look forward to seeing the next two in your insect series...

    I was going to scold you with "back up" but you have that already mastered and I am saying a prayer for Jon!


  3. Suzanne, you gunkie! You are so funny, beating yourself up like that ... and you're damn good at it!!! And FUNNY!!!! You've almost scared me into getting a backup for my iMac [love 'em]
    OK, serious now. You painting radiates bumblebee bonhommie!!! He is so cute and fuzzy - I love him!
    Now, you may continue beating yourself up.

  4. This just blows me away. I studied the detail and it is flawless. Gorgeous values and those transparent wings- super sigh worthy:)
    I have a new back up hard drive- will hook it up this weekend:) Thanks for warning and sharing.

  5. You are right Suzanne , that is a happy jolly bumble bee! So perfectly gorgeous!

    We all hope you get everything retrieved!
    The photos are hard to part with.. we would be sick!

  6. I agree, he's a perfect bee and finding the right support makes it even more so. I'm sure the others will flow equally as beautifully.

    Back ups. We're all guilty of not doing this, or doing in sporadically. Me included. I've been considering an online backup that does the task automatically, so that even if the whole system or external hard drive crashes, my data will still be secure. It may be worth looking into and not really expensive either I don't think. Fingers crossed that your current information can be saved. (and it usually can)

  7. Gosh Suz. I just love your personality.

    The bee is just exquisite and as pretty as any bug can be. I love how you've caught that fuzzy look they have too.

  8. Well - first of all, the bug, however scarey, is completely amazing! As always you are consistently brilliant!
    Secondly, I can truly empathise with you re your back up. I learned the hard way and lost two entire family holidays worth of photographs and was completey beside myself :0(
    I really hope you haven't lost them and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!
    Thirdly, I am also having a whine. Am having a complete confidence crisis! I had a painting 3/4 finished and was really happy with it - but then completely spoilt it by doing one stupid thing and I can't seem to get it back to how it was! Grrr... Sometimes, creating art can be torture!!! Meanwhile I have nothing to post!

  9. Dearest 'lil Suz:

    I am obsessive about backups...Time Capsule for my MacBook Pro hard drive, a removable hard drive using software called Cloner When I started with video files, we got a reasonably priced Seagate NAS drive...with two 1TB drives. One mirrors the other.

    I still lose stuff, though...just not all of it at once...usually operator error :)

  10. UGH I have had that happen to me before. Hopefully it will all work out!!!

  11. Your little bee would never ever sting anyone. I can tell; he's just too fuzzy to have a stinger.
    His wings are translucent beauties.
    Hope it works out with your imac. I am almost as unprepared as you. Only a stuttering, faltering computer (mine) convinced me to backup. And I still do it very sporadically.

  12. Such great color. I love it. My oldest daughter would be freaking out though. These cute bees always sting her.

  13. Oh you poor baby! What an absolute stressor! I do hope your fix-it man can get your files for you. Man oh man I feel for you.

    I DO love this painting, dear Lady! You've obviously been able to carry on in the midst of your trauma and I'm impressed.

    I was watching some bumble bees just yesterday... such amazing creatures... and was thinking of attempting some studies some time.

    But first I have to figure out what I'm doing for our August Challenge! Do you have your piece in mind yet? I can't wait to see what we all come up with.

  14. Hi there Suzanne!... Sorry to hear of your Mac Woes! Hope that you can retrieve all of your files and data! A real pain!

    Love your "Bumble"! Everything it it... but the hummmmmmmmmmmmm! I love your insect studies. They speak for themselves!

    Good Painting! Hope that you get the "Hum"... back in your hard drives! Fingers crossed for "You"!

    Warmest regards,

  15. Your bee is of course stunning, because you are after all the master of bug paintings:) So sorry about your mac:( I'm going to back up my computer today because of you. I did go through something similar about 6 mos ago. They were able to recover everything I hope you have the same fate.

  16. I love your bee. I hate that your time is getting eaten up by computer bugs. I'll be hoping for the best for you.

  17. I love this fuzzy little bee.... it might freak my wasp/hornet/bee/horsefly-phobic kids out, but I love it!

    My fingers are turning white they are so tightly crossed for you and the rescue of all of your files. Oh I really hope that dude is magic!

  18. Suzanne your work always amazes and inspires me. I don't even like bees and this is just so beautiful!!

    Yikes about the computer troubles!! That is such a scary thing isn't it? I'm hoping he/she has a full recovery and all your puppy pics will be saved! :)))

  19. I am not a lover of bugs,but, you made this guy so colorful and chubby and fuzzy, who could resist!

    So happy to hear that your computer problems were solved....starting over from scratch, yikes, everybody's nightmare!

  20. thank you everyone for your very kind comments on the bee and for your support in my time of computer crisis! all is well as jon was able to save my files. now i'm anxious to get my computer back and start backing up!! thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts and well wishes!


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