Monday, August 15, 2011


I failed!

What with the temporary loss of my stuff (still nestled safely on an external drive) and no word yet from Apple as to when we can get the iMac back, I find myself a tad more confused than usual! And more importantly, with two commission deadlines looming, I was forced to forgo my challenge painting this month.  I must say, as I write this I'm feeling rather left out, especially posting these great responses to this month's theme—paint "something in or on your car"—given to the group by Sharman Owings.

Heavy sigh! My sincere apologies to my challenge mates for punking out. Enjoy...


"Aerodynamic"  oil on panel  5x7"
© 2011 Robin Cheers

"Old Mobile"  oil on hardboard  6x6"
© 2011 Sharman Owings

"Just Working" oil on canvas  6x6"
© 2011 Ruth Andre

"Rocket Girl" oil on hardboard 7x5"
© 2011 Diana Moses Botkin

"Cherry"  oil on cradled hardboard 5x5"
© 2011 Vicki Ross


  1. Hope you get your computer back soon! It is a bit like the loss of a family member:( Thanks for posting the challenge entries, they're terrific:)

  2. Yes - Me too! But these were lovely to look at too. I like them all but I particularly like the cherry as 'something on the car' - thinking out side of the box!

  3. Fun challenge though! Hope that Mac daddy returns home pronto!

  4. Dang computers!! Geez that's a bummer Suzanne. I hope it makes it's way back to you soon! And I love seeing these challenge entries, even though yours isn't here (which I'm sure I would love too). :)

  5. You did not fail.
    Sometimes things do not always go the way we want them to. We do not always have control.
    All we can do is be confident that we did our best. And you did, you gave it your all.
    When your computer died.. it was taken out of your hands.
    You are a blue ribbon winner to us.
    your tweedles


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