Friday, August 26, 2011


5x7" oil on canvas

I looked through my gallery to see if anything was suitable for this weekend's visit from Irene. Couldn't find anything but since there is a pretty good chance there will be a substantial amount of water around I thought she might like these.

Busy week. My very first earthquake and now a dangerous hurricane! I shouldn't even call it a quake, we just shook for a bit, but like everyone's first time, it does give one pause. And now, Irene. It's weakening and hopefully won't do too much damage although the warnings are dire and scary. We'll see. Mother Nature is not at all pleased. And who can blame her?

Enough! I heard a quote the other day while watching a documentary on mixed marital arts of all things. George St. Pierre is the UFC Welterweight Champion. He's a real gentleman, he doesn't trash talk, he reads Nietzsche, keeps a stuffed unicorn given to him by his late Godmother at his bedside and he is very, very focused. He lost his first title defense fight because he didn't take his opponent seriously and got caught up in the partying and the hangers on. That was in 2007. The day after that fight he was back in the gym. He hasn't lost a fight since. He believes in himself and he believes in hard work. He understands that everything originates in the mind. If the mind isn't focused, whatever it's doing won't be either.

His career and ascent was juxtaposed against a close friend and fellow fighter whose winning career was on it's way down. An amazing fighter, at times he would just freeze in the octagon and suffer vicious beatings. It got so bad he eventually had to quit fighting all together. Their two very distinctly different mindsets were fascinating to watch.

During the movie, Mr. St. Pierre made a quote that lit me up like a pin ball machine. He said..."I view my career more like a marathon, instead of a sprint. I am not defined by any one fight." Hello! It stuck a chord with moi because I keep thinking that there's this one painting, waiting in the wings, perfectly done that will define me as an artist. Besides making no sense, that's not really how it works is it.

In this era of instant celebrity one sees how easy it is to become famous and make lots of money for doing absolutely nothing at all. In a recent pol, when asked what they want to be when they grow up, 60% of the teens questioned chirped..."famous!"

That said, I think I've been sprinting. I think I need to train for my marathon.

I wish every single person, pet and home a safe passage through the storm and everyone else a great weekend. And, if we have power I'll "see" you all next week!


  1. This is lovely, Suzanne. Best of luck with your visitor!

  2. Oh, and can I also say I loved the story? (Where *is* the edit button when you need it?) As a runner, I can totally relate to the sprint vs marathon mentality, and I can see where I need to apply that thinking to my painting too....

  3. Great painting! I used to work in a seafood restaurant and I served those suckers all the time:) What a powerful post you've written! Just goes to show you, you never know what or where a message will strike you to the core. Such a wonderful way to look at art and creating, definitely a marathon and not a sprint:)

  4. Suzanne, I'll be thinking of you this weekend. Stay safe and I hope that the hurricane warnings amount to nothing at all, but that being said it is definitely better to be safe than sorry. Get your candles ready... you and Tim could be in for a romantic weekend.

    I love your story and it strikes a chord with me. I just recently had a conversation with an artist who is established and further along than me. He said perseverance is key and that every successful artist I see was once where I am right now. Instant success is extremely rare; hard work, perseverance and focus are more the order of the day. My reaction... "Shoot! Well, I'm out!!!" Just joking! ;O)
    It was something I needed to hear because I can get impatient or discouraged and become riddled with self doubt at the slightest criticism. It's my way!

    Anyway, I am glad you took the time to write your story. Thanks!

  5. Hmmmm ... first, Suzanne, I LOVE the painting! And I am glad you are calming after the quake. And mostly, be safe, both you and Tim, this weekend.
    Oh, yes - fascinating story about the martial artist. He sounds like a very cool kid.

  6. All I'm seeing is disarticulated crab claws!! See Rick Nelson's crab paintings before the boiling water, and you have the after. I was going to say something pithy about the post, but alas, I lost my thoughts. Sigh...

  7. Oh my! I can't believe that now you have a hurricane on the way too! I hope you are safe! And if there are any unusual wibbly-wobbly lines in your current paintings, we will know why!
    I LOVE the crab claws! I love eating them too - Seafood is my favourite :0P
    It's yet ANOTHER great painting :0)

  8. Suzanne... just another reason to love your blog... the post was so appropriate, and thoughtful. Everything of true value must be earned through hard work. Love the 'marathon' idea ! so true ! I just love everything about your "style" girl... wonderful painting ! I love the Laundry Girl, too.... no matter how you did it, it's super ! Hope the 2 of you are safe, and snuggled up secure....

  9. I sure would like to run the marathon with you. I trudge along and every now and then a light bulb goes off and I grasp what I have learned. Enjoyed your post today.

  10. Earthquakes, Hurricanes. Company. You are certainly putting up with a lot of visitors. Some not so kind. We too have had our share this summer. First a cold beginning to summer with snow and rain than very dry and now a number of forest fires. One just above town that a lot of folks dodged a bullett on. Now getting rain again[out of season.
    Keep up the great work and your such interesting writing we all enjoy.

  11. What a thought provoking and feeling post!
    You have the answers,, and they are coming to you.
    Your painting is making us hungry

  12. Great post, will help to get my proper perspective on painting. Hope you are safe and dry.

  13. I like what you wrote. I've been thinking over the same things lately... And after reading your current post, am so glad to hear you didn't suffer much physical damage. Relief!
    Your painting is exquisite Suzanne. Absolutely lovely.


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