Wednesday, August 24, 2011


16x20" oil on canvas

The pup commission is completed. Still working on the others but hope to post them both by early next week.

I'm still a tad rattled from yesterday's shake up. Um...WOW! I'd just sat down to the computer and began typing when the desk started shaking. The pull chains on the lamp were swaying from side to side so I looked underneath to see which one of the pups had decided to scratch himself while leaning against the desk.  To my great surprise and subsequent dismay, they were both on the other side of the room. Hmmm. At that moment the phone rang. Tim was on the other end asking me if I was having an earthquake. Sick feeling. Hands shaking. Heart thumping. It didn't last long but I have never, in my somewhat lengthy life, felt anything like it before and hope to never feel anything like it again.

He had just been calling from work to tell me about his lunch with an old friend when he felt the building move and saw the blinds swaying. Freaked us both out. I haven't been the same since. I was going to write some thoughts I had about doubt with regard to artwork. I think I'll save that for another time. Right now, I'm trying not to wilt every time a big truck rumbles by.


  1. Beautiful painting, and what a darling little dog! So much personality and intelligence in that face and you totally captured it.

    I felt the earthquake here sitting at my desk at work too... it was just so weird to have the earth move, took me a minute to figure out what the heck was going on...


  2. Ziggy is SO adorable, and SO VERY well painted, Suzanne! OMG, he's great!! As for the earthquake, there is nothing in the world that makes you feel more afraid and helpless. I felt it once, when I was living in Vancouver. The bed was shaking, and I could hear the water in the toilet sloshing around! But even worse was the noise - some deep, primeval groaning, horribly eerie. I empathize with your skittishness.

  3. Suzanne- wow, to the puppy portrait and to the earthquake. Both wows are for very different reasons! I love the softness of the painting- the dog looks so pet-able and I really like your choice of such a soft, calm background. It gives a sense of lightness and it makes me feel like this dog has a gentle personality.

    An earthquake! I am so happy that you are okay and that it was not severe, but I cannot imagine what that must have felt like. A very unsettling feeling (to say the least) I am sure.

    I hope your nerves have calmed down.


  4. Love Ziggy, as well as all your furry friends! I do love the calm feeling the blue background gives the painting. I know you must have been terrified during the earthquake....hoping it will not be happening again anytime soon.

  5. Hi Suzanne,

    What an adorable little pup! I love the look in his eyes. I am sure the owner is going to be very pleased with this.


  6. Beautiful painting of the pup! That face is so good- love the tail turned up just so also:) Glad you are fine from the shaky quake- hang in there!

  7. Oh my gosh, Suz! I just know the client will be over the moon with his/her painting. Ziggy is gorgeous!!

  8. It must be SO scary to experience something like that. Diana Davis (link on my blog) also mentions it in her latest post. As I said to her, we rarely have any type of natural disaster in the UK. I went to America once and within the first week, we were having tornado and hurricane warnings! That was scarey as we never even think of things like that over here! I'm glad it was just a shake and nothing more, though I'm not surprised that you still feel on edge.
    Now - Suzanne, please listen!!! Any doubts you are having re your art - DON'T! If you doubt your art at the level YOU are at, what hope is there for the rest of us, lol! You are an exceptionally talented artist of the highest standard. I went to the Tate Britain at the weekend and let me tell you, your's would have out shined so many of them! Believe in your art! It is spectacular!

  9. Hi there Suzanne!... Another puppy gem... only one in a long Berry breed of them!

    You won't believe it... but my son Bryn and I were enjoying tv together when the earthquake struck in Virginia... and we were feeling strong enough tremors in our apartment (IN CANADA) above the studio to move our chairs... plants on the table and the blinds in the windows.

    Being uncertain only of where the tremor was going... we moved to the studio on the ground floor and found Deb clinging to her chair as well.

    You weren't the only one freaked out by it. I went across to the lads working in the auto shop... and they asked me what I had been smoking! Guffaw! Guffaw! But pardon my humour... if it ain't got a 480 Hemi under the hood... or a REAL short skirt... they would miss it! That's the way it goes here in these parts it seems.

    The news on their contant country and western music companion mentioned the 5.5 earthquake in Virginia... my sanity was redeemed by Johnny Cash! HA HA!!

    The day before... we had a tornado strike Goderich... less than 200 km from here killing one and injuring many... destroying many older buildings in the downtown!

    Last evening Bryn and I were returning from a soccer game (called at half because of lightening) and we ran into the fiercest electrical storm and sheets of rain that I have ever encountered on our way back into Hillsdale. Cars were pulled over and traffic stopped... you simply couldn't see.

    I am not one to be usually frazzled by weather conditions... but these events really got my attention! Mothere Nature is REALLY p***** off! When are we going to pay attention? I wonder...

    Lovely portrait Suzanne!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  10. Dear 'lil Suz;
    Better move to green country, Northwest Arkansas...I hear we are going to become beach front property!
    Best, Victoria

  11. Suzannne, you find the cutest pups to paint! Love this one, he's adorable.

    I have never experienced an earthquake and hope never to do so. I can imagine it must be so unnerving. This one seemed far reaching and quite strong. I'm glad you're ok and got through it. Quite understandable that rumbling noise and vibrations would freak you out for awhile!

  12. Wow
    This portrait of Ziggy is "splendorious".
    You captured the soul and the very heart beat.
    We love this portrait.

    We are happy you are okay,, your nevers will calm. We live on an epicenter,,and always have earthquakes,,they are no fun.,

  13. Love the painting and hope your nerves calm down with time.

  14. Oh SUzanne, that's so scary! I'm so glad that you're ok though. I would be a nervous wreck too! Your painting is SO gorgeous! That sweet face is just perfect. :)

  15. I love Ziggy!! I couldn't get into your blog for a day:( But I guess blogger has fixed itself. I'm so glad that you are okay! I know what it's like to experience and earthquake in an area that doesn't experience earthquakes. I really hope things are quieting down on the East Coast, wishing you a relaxing, uneventful weekend.

  16. Very good painting of dog, I like : )


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