Monday, December 1, 2008


oil on canvas

I'm sooooo far behind, it feels like I'll never, ever finish a painting a post in one day again! But, if I sit down, take a deep breath and look around the place, all is well. It's weird. I've been working very hard, but because I haven't posted a daily in almost 2 weeks, a real daily, not a commission, I feel like I've been watching tv and sitting on my rather substancial laurels for a month!

There is such a feeling of accomplishment for me now when I post a daily painting. The breaks I used to take between pieces could range anywhere from one week to fifteen years, so you can see it's important for me to keep it up. I remember my shrink telling me how important it was for me to work consistently. I ignored her and didn't pick up a brush for fifteen years.

Anyway, I said all that to say that I'll be posting really old work for the next few days until I can bring the dailies in progress to completion and once again post a new piece. Ahh, that will feel nice. Till then, this is another in a series of melons.

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