Tuesday, December 2, 2008


pastel on paper

This was my very first pet commission way, way back in the day. I cannot believe so much time has gone by! I'm not sharin' numbers, it's far too upsetting. Anyway, I was dedicated to pastels and would still be working with them, had I not caved and bought into the very incorrect and prejudicial concept that oils were more sophisticated, professional and sold more often. How silly is that? I've seen so many incredible pastel paintings since then! I love the medium. Not nearly as messy or dangerous for ones health as oil. But, I'm beginning to form a nice relationship with oils and have just begun to scratch the surface using them for dailies. I find my opinions on techinque, support and process changing, well...almost daily. Guess that's the point.

Anyway, I was terrified that someone actually commissioned me. I was a nervous wreck but I was happy with the results. I worked pretty consistently for about ten years with pastels, but I now prefer oil. We'll see, perhaps I'll try a pastel daily someday soon. Won't have to wait for it to dry before I can finish. Hmmmm.

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  1. One medium usually enhances the other. Albert Handell and Richard McKinley both use oils as well as pastels. :)


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