Tuesday, December 16, 2008


oil on board

So many things to explain. Mostly I'm scrambling because this didn't turn out at all as I had planned. In an effort to dispatch with those bothersome dots, we purchased a copy board. It worked very well last night. I re-shot "Crabbed," and re-posted it. Huge difference in quality. So today, I scrambled to finish this because I couldn't wait to see how it photographed on the new copy board. Hmmmm. Not well...not well at all.
The copy board and linen on board are much like oil and water. Every single imperfection, piece of lint, party-crashing piece of hair and brush stroke is evident and screaming "look at me!!" Still struggling with the board it seems. But I give myself snaps for not bailing.

Anyway, I snapped it old school and it worked better. Still, this isn't at all what I envisioned. This was done from a photo I downloaded so it isn't for sale. The photo was so dramatic, the pose was perfect and the subject is quite possibly, for me, one of the best musicians ever to pick up an instrument.

I'm a Duane Allman disciple, so when Derek Trucks appeared on the scene with that touch, that incredible ability, I was hooked. I didn't get into his work until he was into his late teens. He started playing professionally at age eleven I believe. Anyway, there's no posturing, no posing, no histrionics, no drug or alcohol-induced disappointments and no star-trip. The man is there for the music and he takes you places you didn't think existed.If you get a chance to see him with his band, with the Allmans, or with his wife, Susan Tedeschi, do not miss it.

I'll wait for it to dry and spruce it up a bit. I still have a long way to go with the boards, but I do see improvement. I'd like to find a surface somewhere in-between canvas and linen on board, although I do have better results with stretched linen as opposed to linen on board. Perhaps I'll try this same one on that! More to come on this. I want to be completely satisfied when I'm done.


  1. Suzanne, what is copy board?
    I just started using gessoed masonite and really like it....
    Great painting. Also very difficult to photo dark paintings, by the way, so give yourself a break.

  2. I like your work very much Suzanne, and your yakking makes me laugh. I forwarded this post to my daughter who is a great Tedesci and Trucks fan.


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