Friday, December 12, 2008


oil on canvas

Finally! I'm actually posting a new painting! Things are getting back into focus. I decided to work on this last night even if is was still wet. It was, but somehow it all worked out.

Stone Crab Legs! Need I say more? Less guilt but lots of green. They harvest just the legs so all I'm plagued with is the vision of these poor things stumbling around the ocean floor with no appendages. Even that isn't enough to make me swear off these gifts from the gods. The cost is ridiculous, as is shipping and handling...but the taste? Oh my! They come complete with little wooden mallets and the most incredible mustard sauce known to mankind. We serve them with a crisp white wine, don our matching, brightly-colored, chili-adorned aprons, lay newspaper out on the table and have at it. Words simply cannot describe how good these are.

The first thing I thought when I saw the salmon pink, ivory, and black was mid-century bathroom colors followed quickly by dailies. The rich black of the tips against the salmon and ivory is stunning if you can get past the sad vision of dismembered digits. But, just one taste and the guilt melts away, for a little while anyway. Enjoy.

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