Wednesday, December 31, 2008


oil on canvas

Yet another blast from the past. I'm a chocolate lab devotee so this was a party. My first new piece in a bit should be done by tomorrow. Great way to start off the year! To anyone who's reading this and to everyone who's not, a healthy, happy and peaceful new year.


  1. I have loved getting to see these past works. They are beautiful!

    A blessed and healthy New Year to you.....

  2. Great piece here Suzanne. Wonderful, simple details.

  3. Suzanne!!! Look at my handsome Kona! I am thrilled that I found your blog! All of your work is amazing, you have a wonderful gift! We have a new home and I've been looking around online (mostly Etsy) for some artwork -- I ALWAYS think of you when I look at our painting of Kona but haven't thought to look for you online in quite sometime! If you could see Kona now...gray on his chin and around his eyes...our two young daughters have aged him!! HAHA I will certainly follow you -- and we have a blog as well - Although it isn't as interesting as yours, just some tidbits of our happenings.
    Best wishes to you!!
    - Melissa


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