Thursday, February 5, 2009


oil on canvas

I wanted to use this for our Valentine Day tribute with the above title, but it's a stretch if Anais Nin isn't on your bookshelf somewhere. It's a stretch if it is. Turns out, I missed the day anyway.

Impatience reared its ugly head again today as I gave up waiting for the background to dry on this and just buzzed through. Amazing. The heat is cranked up to tropical, the door is closed on the warmest room in the house and a huge fan gently circulates dry, lint-filled air throughout the space, and still, 2 weeks on, it hasn't even begun thinking about drying yet! It makes for more interesting backgrounds at least. Or this one, which is downright messy.

My updated website is just about ready to launch and I am stoked. They used "Greensleeves" for the music and it's calming and sweet, but I think we're gonna record something original and use that if we can. Hopefully it'll be up by next week. I promised myself it would be done by the end of November last year. Yeah, right.


  1. Love the painting (including the background), you have such an amazing talent for detail!

  2. Thanks for the chuckles, dear Lady! I love the title. Perfect. We all have those flies.

    And the painting is wonderful, as USUAL!


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