Monday, February 16, 2009


oil on canvas

This is the second in my bug series, the Lady in Red. I love these little ladies. As a child, I not only allowed them to live, but fearlessly encouraged them to crawl aimlessly about on my arm as long as they pleased. When one would eventually take flight, I was sure I had somehow not been a agreeable host. Imagine what a group of friends I would have had if my parents had told me all bugs were harmless and well-mannered!

I want to be careful to keep and essence of fun with these. Don't want to go to the dark place and do furry spiders and scary wasps, although that would be a challenge. And they are cute. We'll see. I had the same drying problem, but decided this morning to jump in and finish up as I did with the fly. Five days in the drying room netted me only minimal surface dry enough to paint over. Perhaps it's time to put the big fan together and actually use it! But, if I let them dry too long I'll get carried away and they'll turn into nature studies, which are fine, but not what I'm envisioning with these.

Had a rather aggressive stomach virus this weekend. All manner of nasty things going on. It's funny when one can't do what one wants how much one can't wait to get back to "normal!" I was up and painting at 8 this morning! Oh my.

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  1. Love it, Suzanne.
    I had that stomach thing back in October....I hear ya.


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