Thursday, February 26, 2009


My site has finally been overhauled and refurbished! Of course the voice is shrieking that it's not what it should be, but today, the voice has been summarily silenced, so scram! I'm going to actually enjoy an accomplishment and the attainment of a goal.

Still no original music but soon. For now "Greensleeves" will do. This is, I'm afraid, a dreaded template! There, I said it. As a working artist and graphic designer, they are equivalent to kryptonite, and I do apologize to web designers everywhere, but, a word...recession. That said, I would have liked to design it myself, but too much to learn that I won't have the time to use again.

Some of the images need some color correction, blame it on that old non-calibrated screen, but on the whole I'm really thrilled. Please feel free to visit for a look-see. We'll be adding more in the near future, so please, drop by often. Thanks so much.

1 comment:

  1. Amateurs like me who use old html think it looks spectacular! Love it! But you need a photo of yourself. Love seeing your studio.....


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