Wednesday, February 25, 2009


oil on canvas

The computer conundrum is almost sorted out. Took the ole fella to the Apple Store and apparently he was too old to fix...there anyway. Luckily we have another geek friend who is taking everything off the hard drive for us. Amazing times. I used to think being married to a mechanic or a carpenter would have been an ideal situation. Either the car would be in perpetually perfect running order or we'd have new additions added to the house every year. I found out the hard way how incredibly handy your very own personal geek can be. I won't complain about the household chores being ignored for, hey, at least a week after this.

Making the best of a bad situation—new to me—I painted much longer than usual, the world wide web being unavailable for browsing for a bit. The lingering depression lifted, I got a lot done and I feel like a professional. I still can't put working consistently and feeling like a professional together. Hmmm. Maybe someday.

Anyway, this is the still life I had chosen to paint for my very first 5x7 daily painting. Ha! A tad ambitious no? It ended up being started again on a 16x20" canvas and forgotten until I tidied the store/drying room yesterday. I believe I posted an in progress several months back. A few hours work and booya—an almost finished painting! Gotta keep the momentum going and keep the drying room stocked with "in progresses!" Feels so nice to post again.

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  1. Computer troubles are almost as bad as painting troubles.

    Beautiful painting,, love it.


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